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A custom map is a map created by third-party map makers for use in Team Fortress 2. Each map can vary in ideas and scale; some are incredibly simplistic, being modifications of official maps that fix minor issues such as map geometry, add additional pickups and flank routes, or simply include a weather or time shift to make the ambience different. Others are built from scratch and introduce completely new gamemodes, arenas, items or functions that spice up gameplay in a way that standard maps are unable to. While the majority of custom maps are only available to the server or players who download them directly, certain custom maps that have proven popular with the community and Valve-team alike may be directly added to the official Team Fortress 2 map cycle in major updates.

Upon joining a server currently playing a custom map, you will automatically start to download the map file if you don't already have it. You have the option to disable custom content downloads in the options menu; however, with this feature enabled, you will be unable to download custom maps from servers.


Main article: Arena
Name Picture File name Development status Setting(s)
Backlot Arena Backlot.jpg arena_backlot_rc2 Release Candidate 2 Construction
Hardhat Hardhat1.jpg arena_hardhat_b2a Beta 2 Construction

Capture the Flag

Main article: Capture the Flag

Standard Capture the Flag

Name Picture File name Development status Setting(s)
Atrophy Ctf atrophy b2.jpg ctf_atrophy_b4 Beta 4 Alpine
Convoy Convoyfront.jpg ctf_convoy_v2 Version 2 Desert
Fusion Ctf fusion b1.jpg ctf_fusion_b2 Beta 2 Arctic
Npire Npirethumbnail.png ctf_npire_v3 Version 3 Industrial
Overlook Overlook main.jpg ctf_overlook_b1 Beta 1 Desert
Stockpile Stockpile main.jpg ctf_stockpile_b2 Beta 2 Farmland
Wildfire Ctf wildfire rc.jpg ctf_wildfire_b1 Release Candidate Industrial

Attack/Defend (custom)

Name Picture File name Development status Setting(s)
Premuda Ctf premuda.jpg ctf_premuda_b1b Beta 1 Desert
Vector Ctf vector v10005.jpg ctf_vector_v1 Version 1 Spytech

Control Point

Main article: Control Point (game mode)


Name Picture File name Development status Setting(s)
Antiquity Antiquity1.png cp_antiquity_rc1 Release Candidate Cambodian (modified Egypt)
Croissant Cp croissant.png cp_croissant_final Final Alpine/Spytech
Hybrid Cp hybrid courtyard.jpg cp_hybrid_v4 Version 4 Industrial
Obscure CP Obscure 4.jpg cp_obscure_final Final Arctic
Orange X Orange X redspawn controlpoint2.jpg cp_orange_x Final Dev Textures
Warmfront Warmfront.jpg cp_warmfront Final Alpine


Name Picture File name Development status Setting(s)
Ambush Ambush.png cp_ambush_rc5 Release Candidate 5 Alpine
Conifer Coniferthumbnail.png cp_conifer_rc2 Release Candidate 2 Alpine
Dusk Duskthumbnail.png cp_dusk_rc1 Release Candidate 1 Alpine
Firewatch Cp firewatch.png cp_firewatch_b4 Beta 4 Alpine
Furnace Creek Furnace point c.jpg cp_furnace_rc Release Candidate Desert
Glacier Cp glacier 3.jpg cp_glacier_rc7 Release Candidate 7 Arctic
Stoneyridge Stoneyridge1.jpg cp_stoneyridge_rc2 Release Candidate 2 Alpine/Construction
Zinkenite Valley Zinkenitethumbnail2.png cp_zinkenite_b3a Beta 3a Alpine

King of the Hill

Main article: King of the Hill

Name Picture File name Development status Setting(s)
Achievement Idle Koth achievement idle.png koth_achievement_idle Final Industrial
Bagel Koth Bagel.png koth_bagel_rc7 Release Candidate 7 Industrial
Brine Koth Brine.jpg koth_brine_rc3a Release Candidate 3A -
Coalplant Koth coalplant b5 1.jpg koth_coalplant_b7 Beta 7 Industrial
Maple Ridge Koth maple ridge center.png koth_mapleridge_rc2 Release Candidate 2 Farmland
Moonshine 800px-Moonshine.jpg koth_moonshine_rc Release Candidate Swamp
Slaughter Slaughter Main Point.png koth_slaughter_b2a Beta Factory
Synthetic Koth synthetic.jpg koth_synthetic_rc6a Release Candidate 6 Farmland
Traingrid Traingrid main.jpg koth_traingrid Beta Underground culvert
Trainsawlaser Trainsawlaser main.jpg koth_trainsawlaser_rc2 Release Candidate 2 Dev Textures
Undergrove Undergrove Main Point.png koth_undergrove_rc1 Release Candidate 1 Forest, City
Wubwubwub Koth wubwubwub center point.jpg koth_wubwubwub_remix_vip Final Industrial / Random

Mann vs. Machine

Name Picture File name Development status Setting(s)
Area 52 Area 52 screenshot.png mvm_area_52_rc3 Release Candidate 3 Desert
Barren Barren Contest.jpg mvm_barren_final2 Final 2 Desert
Brugge Brugge.jpg mvm_brugge_rc4b Release Candidate 4b City
Casino City Casino city contest.jpg mvm_casino_city_b8 Beta 8 City
Coastrock Coastrock.png mvm_coastrock_rc1_1 Release Candidate 1 Town
Dockyard Dockyard.jpg mvm_dockyard_rc7 Release Candidate 7 City
Doppler Doppler spawn view.png mvm_doppler_b12 Beta 12 Arctic, Spytech
Goldpit Goldpit.jpg mvm_goldpit_rc3 Release Candidate 3 Desert
Hideout Hideout.jpg mvm_hideout_b3 Beta 3 Tropical
Isolation Mvm isolation rc1 01.jpg mvm_isolation_rc3 Release Candidate 3 Arctic
Production Production.jpg mvm_production_rc6 Release Candidate 6 Desert/Industrial
Quetzal Quetzal.jpg mvm_quetzal_rc5 Release Candidate 5 Jungle/Aztec
Shadows Mvm shadows b3.png mvm_shadows_b3 Beta 3 Farmland
Waterfront Waterfront.jpg mvm_waterfront_rc3 Release Candidate 3 Alpine


Name Picture File name Development status Setting(s)
Final Destination 2015 Final Destination 2015 Preview.jpg coop_finaldestination_2015 Release Candidate 3 Other


Main article: Payload

Name Picture File name Development status Setting(s)
Alpen PL Alpen.jpg pl_alpen_rc1 Release Candidate 1 Alpine
Coal Pl coal.jpg pl_coal_rc23 Release Candidate 23 Industrial, Snow
Cranetop Pl cranetop.jpg pl_cranetop_b8 Beta 8 Industrial
Fifthcurve Pl fifthcurve main.jpg pl_fifthcurve_rc1 Release Candidate 1 Alpine
Mesaworks Pl eclipse main.jpg pl_mesaworks_rc3 Release Candidate 2 Desert, Canyon, Industrial
Millstone Millstone.png pl_millstone_v4 Version 4 Snow
Morrigan Alley Mally1.jpeg pl_morrigan_alley_b3 Beta 3 Medieval
Nocturne Pl nocturne.png pl_nocturne_rc8 Release Candidate 8 Halloween
Sludgepit Sludgepit4.png pl_sludgepit_final4 Final4 Alpine
Rumble Rumble Payload Starting Point.png pl_rumble_rc1 Release Candidate 1 Jungle
Rumford Pl rumford.png pl_rumford_rc2 Release Candidate 2 Alpine
Waste Waste.jpg pl_waste_v2 Version 2 Industrial

Payload Race

Name Picture File name Development status Setting(s)
Animus Animus main.jpg plr_animus_a8 Alpha 8 Harvest
Highwind Highwind main.jpg plr_highwind Alpha 5 Village
Panic Plr panic b20005.jpg plr_panic_b2 Beta 2 Industrial
Rollout Rollout1 v5E.jpg plr_rollout Alpha 1 Industrial
Scoville Scoville main.jpg plr_scoville_c2 Alpha 7 Industrial
Solitude Solitude main.jpg plr_solitude Beta 1 Desert

Special Delivery

Main article: Special Delivery

Name Picture File name Development status Setting(s)
Hunted Sd hunted1.jpg sd_hunted Final Industrial

Territorial Control

Main article: Territorial Control

Name Picture File name Development status Setting(s)
Meridian Tiki.jpeg tc_meridian_rc3 Release Candidate 3 Tropical Island
Strata Tc strata.jpg tc_strata_b1c Beta 1c Paleontological dig/Desert


Main article: Training mode

Name Picture File name Development status Setting(s)
Walkway Walkway overview.png tr_walkway_rc2 Release Candidate Industrial

Official maps

Main article: List of maps


There are many custom map collections on the Internet. These include:

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