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Just a regular guy who loves TF2. My profile page is here. I also make the popular "You are HEAVY WEAPONS GUY" mspaint fan adventure. There is a group for that here. Give it a read sometime, you will like it.

Let me make myself clear. While the Wiki Hat may have been incentive for me to stop being lazy and finally joining this wiki, it is not my sole reason for being here. I have managed to add several useful factoids to a few articles, like Johnny Bravo Heavy, and including the image on the frying pan page. While I may not edit often (as I don't see places where I can add things that have not already been said) I will continue to contribute here now and into the future, even after I (possibly) get a wiki hat.

here is a draft for the Sheila page which I wanted to add but now Im not going to because its just hearsay BUT on the offchance its legit I will keep it here.



Sheila is a new melee for the Sniper. It's appearance is that of a Tomahawk. It was stated by polycount forum member BlvdNights that his friend (who created the model) had his model accepted by Valve. FPSBanana member safferoth originally submitted the model as a skin in 2009. Further proof that the item has in fact been accepted is the fact that safferoth has since marked his skin for deletion on the exact same date that the post was made saying Valve accepted the model.