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Reggie AKA Trîp
Basic information
Gender: Male
Birth place: The UK
Native language: English
Age: 15
Team Fortress 2
Favourite classes: Spy/Sniper
Favourite maps: Hightower
Favourite weapons: Huntsman
Favourite hats: L'homme Burglerre, the Larrikin Robin
Contact information

Steam tray.png

Well hello there, you managed to stumble across my not-so-lovely profile! As you happen to be reading this, you probably either saw my horrendous recent changes, I've mucked up half the Wiki, or I've generally been of an annoyance to you.

Sorry about all of that.

Anyways, back on topic!

The horror that is: Reggie

Well, I'm just trying to help out around the Wiki, in small ways to start with (as I am slightly abysmal with Wikicode [will hopefully clear that up soon]) and so in the meanwhile, feel free to sit down, have a cuppa, and maybe even have a chat with me on Steam ^ up there!

What I want to do

As I'm currently an invalid when it comes to Wikicode, I'm mainly looking to do a few grammatical edits, just to touch up the skills and to actually help out. Oh, and stubs, stubs aren't very neat, now are they?

Anyway, enough about that, if you have any projects you'd like a little amateur help on, just drop by in my Talk page, and I'd be glad to lend a hand!


Achievement Completion Additional Info
1 edit! Completed! Edit in the particle effects page
100 edits! I think I did it. Or not. I probably just botched up a lot and had to fix it. None so far
Earn the other editors' trusts! Not yet completed! And I doubt it shall be completed for a fair while!

Kindest regards,

Your friendly, neighbourhood catastrophe.