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GET http://api.steampowered.com/ISteamEconomy/GetAssetPrices/v0001/

Method-specific Parameters

appid (uint32)
The ID of the game to query assets from.
language (Optional) (string)
The ISO639-1 language code for the language all localized strings should be returned in. Not all strings have been translated to every language. If a language does not have a string, the English string will be returned instead. If this parameter is omitted the string token will be returned for the strings.
currency (Optional) (string)
The ISO 4217 code for currency specific filtering.

Result Data

true if the query was successful, false otherwise.
A list of items with slot tags and prices in the chosen or all currency.
An array containing the currency code and respective price, if a currency is specified only that currency value will be present. [1]
original_prices (Optional)
An array equivalent to prices in layout. Present when the item is on sale.
A list of properties attached to the item [2]
The name of the property.
The value of the property.
The "name" of the asset. This has no set content besides that it is an identifier that can be used in URLs such as those for Valve's store frontend.
The class ID of the item.
An array containing information related to the item's slot or special attributes. See tags
An array containing friendly names for the tags attached to items.


  1. All prices are given as integers due to issues regarding precision. A double value can be obtained by dividing the price by 100.
  2. Note that for first party (Valve) games there may be a def_index property present, its value is a string that can be converted to an integer for use in schema item lookups.