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  • All classes and hats.
  • Fake updates.
  • Custom Maps.
  • Projects.
  • Scanning MF-bookmarks.
  • Fan-games.


(Credits to Moussekateer for making this template in the first place):

Promo Spy
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Big Kill Conniver's Kunai Enthusiast's Timepiece Noh Mercy Earbuds Noise Maker Bundle
Effect +100% chance of participation in future promotions

Random Image

Seconds now: 17


Chosen class: Heavy

The code that has been used for the random class(Heavy/Soldier/Medic) is this: [[Image:Team Captain {{#ifexpr: {{#time: s }} < 20 | Heavy | {{#ifexpr: {{#time: s}} < 40 | Soldier | Medic}}}}.png]]

Also: there is no Wiki Cap for Civilian.

Seconds now: 17

00-05 - Heavy, 06-11 - Soldier, 12-17 - Pyro, 18-23 - Demoman, 24-29 - Scout

30-35 - Engineer, 36-41 - Medic, 42-47 - Sniper, 48-53 - Spy, 54-59 - Civilian.

Pyro wiki.png

Complex ImageMap


MedicScoutSoldierDemomanSpyEngineerPyroSniperHeavyVALVeTeam Fortress 2Header of, with all 9 classes.
Image map example. Clicking on a class in the picture causes the browser to load the appropriate article.

Ol Nick Xmas update

Loch-n-LoadPyromancer's MaskMadame DixieBuckaroos HatGerman GonzilaGerman GonzilaBig ChiefLarrikin RobinFlipped TrilbyBlighted BeakA Rather Festive TreeBerliner's Bucket HelmScotch BonnetBrass BeastBuckaroos HatClaidheamh MòrWarrior's SpiritXmas Update
Image map example. Clicking on a hat or a weapon in the picture causes the browser to load the appropriate article.

Japan Relief

Magnanimous MonarchBenefactor's KanmuriHumanitarian's HachimakiGrenadeSoldierHeavySniperJapan Charity Blog
Image map example. Clicking on a hat or a class in the picture causes the browser to load the appropriate article.

Special:Random Page (!must be an extension only!)

Display a random:

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Notes: 1, 2

Possible external solution (related to browser - Firefox in my case, 1280x800)

1.Download iMacros extension for Firefox.

2.Record new Macros, and do this:

a)Settings -> General -> "Open menu of 'click-mode'". Choose "X/Y position"

b)Open Main Page of

c)Click to the Special:Random

d)Click on the first letter of "<Original English Page"

It helps to open random English page.

For example, my code for iMacros is this:

CLICK X=192 Y=90

(Need to test specific languages later.)

First_Annual_Saxxy_Awards#The_Awards_Show(Request by No-oneSpecial)

[show]Saxxy Awards Winners
  • Most Inventive Kill
  • Best Mid-air Murder
  • Biggest Massacre
  • Funniest Replay
  • Best Getaway
  • Best Revenge
  • Mostest Pwnage
  • Most Heroic
  • Best Set Design
  • Best Team Costume
  • Best Original Soundtrack
  • Best 30 Second Trailer
  • Best Coordinated Combat
  • Most Dramatic
  • Best Cinematography
  • Best Editing
  • Most Epic Fail
  • Most Extreme Stunt
  • Players' Choice
  • Best Overall Replay


see User:Kreafan/Item Origin


see User:Kreafan/Multi-Class


see User:Kreafan/DLC

Class Body

see User:Kreafan/Body