July 15, 2013 Patch

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Patch notes

Team Fortress 2

  • Fixed crit and mini-crit sounds not playing in the ears of the attacker
  • Fixed some missing sapper particles in Mann vs. Machine mode
  • Fixed bots seeing the Payload cart as a valid target
  • Fixed an issue with mouse centering in non-native fullscreen resolutions for the Mac version
  • Fixed a problem with restoring the fullscreen window when app gets focus for the Mac version
  • Fixed the description for the Founding Father
  • Updated L'Inspecteur to include a blue material when equipped by the Blue team

Undocumented changes

Files changed

Note: The changelog below is generated from a diff of two revisions of the game.
Revision changes
Modified: tf/steam.inf
Modified: bin/SDL2.dll
Modified: bin/itemtest.com
Modified: tf/bin/client.dll
Modified: tf/bin/server.dll
Modified: tf/tf2_misc_dir.vpk/models/player/items/spy/fwk_spy_inspector.dx80.vtx
Modified: tf/tf2_misc_dir.vpk/models/player/items/spy/fwk_spy_inspector.dx90.vtx
Modified: tf/tf2_misc_dir.vpk/models/player/items/spy/fwk_spy_inspector.mdl
Modified: tf/tf2_misc_dir.vpk/models/player/items/spy/fwk_spy_inspector.phy
Modified: tf/tf2_misc_dir.vpk/models/player/items/spy/fwk_spy_inspector.sw.vtx
Modified: tf/tf2_misc_dir.vpk/models/player/items/spy/fwk_spy_inspector.vvd
Modified: tf/tf2_misc_dir.vpk/particles/explosion.pcf
Modified: tf/tf2_misc_dir.vpk/particles/explosion_dx80.pcf
Modified: tf/tf2_misc_dir.vpk/particles/explosion_dx90_slow.pcf
Modified: tf/tf2_misc_dir.vpk/particles/explosion_high.pcf