May 31, 2011 Patch

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Patch notes

Team Fortress 2

  • Added the Magicka promotional item
  • Fixed the targetID panel not drawing in first-person spectator mode
  • Fixed the main menu showing through the shopping cart menu when running at 2500x1600
  • Updated some of the tips that are displayed while the server is changing maps
  • Updated the webapi output to include the names of the attached particles
  • Updated the gamehaptics.txt file

Undocumented changes

  • Added a new leg bodygroup to the Demoman model

Files changed

Note: The changelog below is generated from a diff of two revisions of the game. This data may be incomplete or inconsistent.
Revision changes
Added: team fortress 2 materials.gcf/tf/materials/backpack/player/items/demo/demo_hood.vtf
Added: team fortress 2 materials.gcf/tf/materials/backpack/player/items/demo/demo_hood_large.vtf
Added: team fortress 2 materials.gcf/tf/materials/models/player/items/demo/demo_hood_blue.vtf
Added: team fortress 2 materials.gcf/tf/materials/models/player/items/demo/demo_hood_normal.vtf
Added: team fortress 2 materials.gcf/tf/materials/models/player/items/demo/demo_hood_red.vtf
Modified: team fortress 2 materials.gcf/tf/models/player/demo.dx80.vtx
Modified: team fortress 2 materials.gcf/tf/models/player/demo.dx90.vtx
Modified: team fortress 2 materials.gcf/tf/models/player/demo.mdl
Modified: team fortress 2 materials.gcf/tf/models/player/demo.phy
Modified: team fortress 2 materials.gcf/tf/models/player/demo.sw.vtx
Modified: team fortress 2 materials.gcf/tf/models/player/demo.vvd
Modified: team fortress 2 materials.gcf/tf/models/player/hwm/demo.dx80.vtx
Modified: team fortress 2 materials.gcf/tf/models/player/hwm/demo.dx90.vtx
Modified: team fortress 2 materials.gcf/tf/models/player/hwm/demo.mdl
Modified: team fortress 2 materials.gcf/tf/models/player/hwm/demo.phy
Modified: team fortress 2 materials.gcf/tf/models/player/hwm/demo.sw.vtx
Modified: team fortress 2 materials.gcf/tf/models/player/hwm/demo.vvd
Added: team fortress 2 materials.gcf/tf/models/player/items/demo/demo_hood.dx80.vtx
Added: team fortress 2 materials.gcf/tf/models/player/items/demo/demo_hood.dx90.vtx
Added: team fortress 2 materials.gcf/tf/models/player/items/demo/demo_hood.mdl
Added: team fortress 2 materials.gcf/tf/models/player/items/demo/demo_hood.phy
Added: team fortress 2 materials.gcf/tf/models/player/items/demo/demo_hood.sw.vtx
Added: team fortress 2 materials.gcf/tf/models/player/items/demo/demo_hood.vvd