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About this board

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I made this topic for new people who want to know more about the world of Team Fortress 2.

Giving tips and what they can find within the Wiki.

MultiRobot (talkcontribs)

It is a place where you can get information about Team Fortress 2.

From the story of the game, or even about any hat inside the game.

On the Main Page you can learn more about your favorite characters or even the maps you more like

Learn new mechanics, weapons, latest updates and more.

You will be welcome here with several different translations so you do not get confused when it comes to reading.

You can also find secrets on the weapons or even in the own game music!

If you want you can read the "Featured Article" in the "Main Page".

If you are experienced translate the wiki with us and make it readable to everyone who wants to learn more about Team Fortress 2!

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