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Artigo em destaque — Hydro
Hydro is a Territorial Control map and was one of the six initial maps included with the game's release. So far, Hydro is the only official territorial control map of its kind, most possibly due to the complexity and difficulty of designing such a map type.

The goal of Hydro is to take over the entire map by capturing "territories." Each game is randomly selected from the six available layouts in a "point against point" game where both teams must capture the opposite point while preventing their own. After a team successfully captures the enemy control point, the next round will start, taking place in a different area of the map (which is also randomly generated). After a team captures all four territories, the attacking team must capture the enemy team's base while the other defends for their life. If the Base point is captured, the attacking team wins the round. When the next round begins, territories are reset and a new random game is selected.


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