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The Team Fortress Wiki has competitive representation in a number of competitive leagues. This page is to be used to list the past and present teams that the wiki has put together, while its accompanying Talk page can be used to discuss present and future competitive teams.

Current teams

Community vs. Pros 4

Main article: Team Fortress Wiki:Competitive representation/Communities vs. Pros 4

Looking for 2-6 players to represent the Official TF Wiki as 1-3 classes playing alongside Robin Walker against six of the top players in competitive TF2. This exhibition match will be heavily promoted, streamed and shoutcasted live, and posted up online afterwards. Please click through and sign up using the table. The deadline for registration is not yet known, but hurry and sign up!

Future teams

Past teams

Team Fortress Wiki US UGC Highlander Winter 2011

Main article: Team_Fortress_Wiki:UGC_Highlander_League

Tele-Viper set up a team for UGC league and the team managed to get one actual win in the season.

Community vs. Pros 3

Main article: Team Fortress Wiki:Competitive representation/Communities vs. Pros 3

The wiki submitted six players to represent our community against a pro team, Classic Mixup. Two players (RedXM and Sven) were chosen to fill the Engineer slot on the team, but due to a communication difficulty we were unfortunately demoted to a backup slot. In the end, we were not needed for the match.

Official Team Fortress Wiki Highlander Team (OTFWH)

Main article: ETF2L_Highlander_Community_Challenge/OTFWH

The Official Team Fortress Wiki Highlander Team (OTFWH) was the first competitive team to represent this wiki, and did so in the ETF2L Highlander Community Challenge. The team was comprised of international players, all of whom were regular wiki contributors. For many of the team's players, this was their first venture into Team Fortress 2 competitive play. Within the group stage of the league, the team took second-place in Group 233, losing in the group playoffs to Chocolate Hammer Green. The team was knocked out during round 2 of the Cup stage, and has since disbanded.

Team Fortress Wiki (US) (EU) UGC Highlander 2010

Main article: Team_Fortress_Wiki:UGC_Highlander_League

After being knocked out of the ETF2L Highlander Community Challenge, the original OTFWH disbanded and began forming new teams for the upcoming UGC Highlander 2010 Winter season. There was sufficient interest to result in the creation of a Team Fortress Wiki US and EU team, both of which entered the tournament. The teams have since disbanded.

Team Fortress Wiki (US)

Team Fortress Wiki (EU)

The Team Fortress Wiki EU team for the UGC Highlander 2010 Winter season would rather not be discussed (heh heh). The EU team had only won 1 match out of 2 played during the pre-season, and lost every match up to week 12 of the season. Because of this, the decision was made to drop out of the tournament by week 12 after facing numerous scheduling problems within the team, which resulted in the team being unable to acquire enough players to participate in matches.

Sparklebros (6v6)

Main article: Team Fortress Wiki:Competitive representation/Sparklebros

The Sparklebros team was formed following a few wiki contributors' experience and enjoyment after being taught (and playing) 6v6 mixes with the IDK/NE Newbie Mix Steam group. The team signed up for the ETF2L season 10 6v6 tournament. The team dropped after few matches, due to motivatian and schedule problems. This team was the wiki's first venture into competitive 6v6, as well as the first 6v6 venture for the team's players.

Offical Team Fortress Wiki EU

Main article: Team Fortress Wiki:Competitive representation/OTFWEU

The team was founded by Keisari and Terabyte to join ETF2L Highlander Season 1 with European players, and the team came to second in that season. The team has since participated in UGC HL season 6 and ETF2L HL Season 2 with slightly different players.