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Ya ain't too fast for me and my machines now, are ya?
Apparition on a Wiki row

Most commonly known as Skyline around the community, I've been playing TF2 for quite some time, and felt the sense of volunteering for the Wiki.

I have had experiences with Wiki pages before, which brought me to the decision of volunteering for the TF2 Wiki, most commonly creating entirely new Dutch articles, and adding some missing sections and information of existent articles.

Article translation record;

Non-Player Characters

8.253 Words. 50.243 characters excluding spaces.

You can find me on my Steam account here. I also go by my Steam Forums ID, Apparition.

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Firestorm was here. SS2R was here.

To do

From now on, I'll have a to-do list added here, specifically for the Dutch Wiki, regarding Dutch translations, missing articles and whatnot. Under this line, you can list your request (preferably a request with the highest priority) and sign it via the classic method. =)

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