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This is a tutorial on how I make my images transparent using GIMP.

Wot I do

(Click on the images to enlarge them)

The first thing I do is go to Options > Background Color... in HLMV and set the background to completely white, if it isn't already.

Once I've done that, I take a screenshot and paste it into GIMP.

I then press Ctrl+B to add a black background behind my model and then paste a screenshot of that into GIMP and make it a new layer.

After that, I move the black background screenshot underneath the white one and set the layer mode of the white one to Difference.

User Bojjob GIMP example1.png

I then go to the Channels tab, right click on the red channel and click Channel to Selection.

User Bojjob GIMP example2.png

Once the selection is set, I go back to the layers tab and click on the white image. I then clear the selection (Edit > Clear) to delete the background and then remove the black layer.

User Bojjob GIMP example3.png

After the background is clear, I crop out all of the HLMV ui and then autocrop to remove all the blank space.

User Bojjob GIMP example4.png

Once I'm done, I export it as a .png file and it's ready to go!

User Bojjob GIMP example5.png
Pictogram comment.png Note: Make sure you set the layer mode back to normal before you export your image otherwise it will save it as a blank image