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Basic information
(Type ): Image Editor and Garry's Modder
Gender: Hello
Health: Not dead
Speed: Really fast (When in a vehicle)
Birth place: Erf
Age: <100
Team Fortress 2
Favourite classes: Medic
Favourite weapons: Every medigun ever
Contact information
Sandvich and me going to beat your ass!
— A little something Bojjob wrote while they were bored

'Bout me

Hey there, it's my personal mission to make sure the wiki is nicer to look at. I play a lot of Garrysmod and Team Fortress 2.
Also, as you will see below, I like to spam Userboxes

User Bojjob Userlink.png

Special Something Userbox Image.png This user has a special someone and their steam profile can be found here.

Gotta do a lot of this.


Team Fortress Wiki

User Mspaint.png This user does a lot of imagery for the Wiki.
Edit icon.png This user is a Team Fortress Wiki editor.
SmallEdit.jpg This user likes to edit articles in teeny baby bits.
Heavy Industry.png This user hates adverts and loves Team Fortress Wiki's adlessness.
RED Wiki Cap.png This user does not edit the Wiki for the sole purpose of getting a Wiki Cap.

Team Fortress 2

BLUicon.gif This user is an employee of BLU.
User Medic.png This user is a Medic.
“Zat, vas doctah assisted homicide!”
Medic Mercenary.png This user is a Mercenary.

Dueling Medal Bronze.png This user owns a Bronze Dueling Badge.
Tf soldier gora gora gora.png This user likes to use Crit rockets to gib other players
User Soldier F5.gif This user vigorously mashes F5 upon any new TF2 update.
Engineerupdatewait.png This user thoroughly enjoyed the Engineer Update!
Golden Wrench IMG.png This user crafted away a lot of items for the Golden Wrench. Stoopid!
Knife ready to Backstab 1st person red.png This user is a Backstabber!
Backpack Disciplinary Action.png This user loves whipping their teammates (and enemies).
Backpack Fists.png This user is manly enough to battle with only Melee Weapons. Guns are for babies!
Holy Mackerel.png This user's weapons are high in vitamin B.
Speech mediccall.png This user constantly calls for MEDIC!
DaniVoiceMenu.png This user loves to use the Team Fortress in-game voice menu (a lot) for talking.
HammerEditorIcon.png This user brings forth worlds out of the void with the mighty Hammer.
Trading parcel.png This user loves to trade items.
Gibbed Medic.png This user tends to fall to pieces.
Medictarget.png This user is a sitting duck.
Achieved.png This user has earned 417 of the 520 TF2 achievements. That's 80%!
Backpack Holiday Punch.png This user owns a Strange Holiday Punch.
Rank: Positively Persiflagious
Tickle Fights Won: 750


Worms.png This user likes to make invertebrates blow each other up with absurd weapons.
Userbox Deus Ex.jpg This user's vision is augmented.
User FNV40x.png Patrolling the Mojave almost makes this user wish for a nuclear winter!
Userbox Poké Ball.png This user has gotta catch 'em all!


User Lhavelund Idiot.png This user has moments of innate idiocy. Sorry.
BLU Wiki Cap.png This user wants a Wiki Cap.

Food and Drink

Logo sprite.png This user drinks far too much Sprite.
Sandvich.png This user eats far too many sandviches.
RED Dalokohs Bar.png This user eats far too much chocolate.
User Bojjob Rayman.gif
User Bojjob CaptainBoj.gif

Me other loadouts.

I hope this didn't spook you too much.