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Hi there, I am CANPoo. I am an avid CounterStrike and Team Fortress 2 player.

I participated in the Highlander Challenge, my team lost, we were the Pacifist Heavy Nation.

  • Make:
  • 50 edits Pictogram tick.png Done
    • 100 edits Pictogram tick.png Done
    • 200 edits Pictogram tick.png Done
    • 500 edits Pictogram wait.png In Progress
    • 750 edits Pictogram wait.png In Progress
    • 1000 edits Pictogram wait.png In Progress
    • 2500 edits Pictogram wait.png In Progress
    • 5000 edits Pictogram wait.png In Progress
    • 7500 edits Pictogram wait.png In Progress
    • 10000 edits Pictogram wait.png In Progress

  • Get:
  • Lumbricus Lid Pictogram wait.png In Progress
    • Bill's Hat Pictogram tick.png Done
      • Earbuds Pictogram wait.png In Progress
        • Unusual Hat Pictogram wait.png In Progress
          • Level 11 Unusual Bonk Boy with Orbiting/Burning Flames Pictogram nope.png Nope


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