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This template's purpose is to select a random image every week to be displayed on the cosmetics page.

A random cosmetic item is selected every Monday. The Featured cosmetic template can then be changed manually.

It is currently: Week 39, September 2020 (this is here to smooth out any discrepancies between client time and server time).

The items are listed in the code in chronological order, grouped by update, so adding more is easy. However the mod digit must be altered to reflect the new number of items whenever more are added.

The program changes and selects a new item whenever new ones are added; as such the list should only be updated at the end of each week to avoid confusion.

Image Log

Current Featured cosmetic:                  
Image Generator Log
2017 Cosmetic
Week 1 Dadliest Catch
Week 2 Angel of Death

Italic text indicates repeated items.
Green text indicates Christmas themed items.
Purple text indicates Halloween themed items.