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Basic information
Icon: Leaderboard class soldier.png
(Type ): Medic
Gender: Male
Health: 150 / 300
Speed: 107%
Birth place: United States
Team Fortress 2
Favourite classes: Medic, Engineer and Pyro
Favourite maps: Turbine
Favourite weapons: Medi-gun, Blutsauger, Solemn Vow
Favourite hats: Archimedes
Contact information
Website: Youtube
Steam page: Darkanine

Current playtime in TF2: 800+ Hours.

I collect strange cosmetics!

Current list of strange cosmetics owned (from most points to least).

Private eye-8000+ Points

(Genuine) Archimedes-4000+ Points

Professor Speks-3000+ Points

(Genuine) Foppish Phsyican-3000+ Points

Gaiter Guards-2000+ Points

Smock Surgeon-1000+ Points

Colonels coat-1000+ Points

Mercs Pride Scarf-1000+ Points

Dough Puncher-500+ Points

Heat of Winter-400+ Points

(Vintage) Stockbrokers Scarf-0 Points

Sandvich Safe-0 Points

Other rare stuff I own

Australium Blutsauger Collectors Killstreak Postal Pummeler