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"Ha ha ha! Oktoberfest!"

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“Zat, vas doctah assisted homicide!”
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Hire Date: Jul 31, 2008 (07:57 AM GMT)

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After starting to play TF2 originally on the 360 around the Pyro Update my copy of the orange box went missing one day. After being fed up of having a poor PC I finally decided to upgrade it and check out TF2 on it's native platform. I have never looked back.

Starting out on the server with lowest ping to me, an old Icewind server, I was shoved into the beginner's role of Medic. In between playing around with regulars and chatting about new updates and excitement I became a reliable Medic to many in the community and have stuck to that role. Icewind has since been converted to Critical Gaming, however the old competitive side still lived on with the original tags. Critical is mostly a laid back community hanging around on our mumble server and playing more than TF2, the game that originally brought us together.

To do

  • Strange Template:
    • Make the unique ranks look nicer inside the template.
    • When next updating the weapon pages, remove unecessary template parameter lines.

Most Notable Contribs

Pages I like to think I put a lot of work into
Things I usually fill in each update if have not been done yet