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TF2 KR.png Steam tray osx.png Edit icon.png TF2 용어사전
Korean Translation Team Current Steam Profile Wiki Contributions Korean TF2 Glossary
Basic information
Icon: Killicon lugermorph.png
Speed: FAT
Native language: KOREAN
Age: 1999's
Team Fortress 2
Favourite classes: Leaderboard class soldier.pngLeaderboard class engineer.pngLeaderboard class pyro.png
Contact information
Steam page: 친추 가능!

My Projects

Working in Progress

Finished Projects

Wikichievement Awarded by Date Reason Link
Tf spy fyi i am a spy.png

Show Me Your War Face!
Create a damn fine user page.

123rse September 12, 2020 와! 개인 페이지! Here
Tf play game everymap.png

Parlez-Vous Français?
Provide help translating the Team Fortress Wiki to your language.

Lolimsogreat21 August 20, 2021 Wikichievement unlocked!

Top 10 questions science still can't answer. Number 1: How does Joeun not already have this achievement, despite translating the Wiki into Korean for the past 1 and a half year, and litteraly being the backbone of the Korean translation team for quit some time? Number 2: How does he not have Wiki cap yet?

Soviet Union.png

Credit to Team
Collaborate with other users on a project.

Mr.Kitty August 30, 2021 Wikichievement unlocked!

You made Rick May proud, son!

Tf win multiplegames.png

Jack of All Trades
Contribute many quality edits over many different sections of the Wiki.

123rse September 1, 2021 Wikichievement unlocked!

All your page are belong to Weapons, Cosmetic items, Content Packs, Unused content, Maps, Major update, Patches, Category and so on...

Tf spy insurance fraud.png

It's the Little Things...
Provide a large amount of edits, whose primary goals are to correct grammar, punctuation, etc.

123rse September 1, 2021 Wikichievement unlocked!

Thousands of edits from every language pages, Sweet!



Dead Heat Icon.png As of 25 September, 2022,
I have been a Team Fortress Wiki member for 2 years, 7 months, 12 days (since 13 February, 2020).

Flag of South Korea.png This user is South Korean. 반가워요!
Userbox STS.gif This user contributes to the Korean translations of Steam and Valve games.