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Welcome to my page! I'm a hungarian, and a hungarian translater. I don't will play Team Fortess 2 anymore, but I feel keep translating articles.

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YouTube Channel

Translated articles

(7/12/2014) Beer Stein (Magyar - HUNGARIAN)
(7/12/2014) Valve Store Shipment Box (Magyar - HUNGARIAN)
(7/12/2014) Nail Gun (Magyar - HUNGARIAN)
(7/12/2014) Heraldic Targe (Magyar - HUNGARIAN)
(7/20/2014) Bullseye's Head (Magyar - HUNGARIAN)
(7/20/2014) Monday Night Combat (Magyar - HUNGARIAN)
(7/22/2014) Mann Co. Beta Maps (Magyar - HUNGARIAN)
(7/23/2014) Heal Grenade (Magyar - HUNGARIAN)
(7/30/2014) Little Bear (Magyar - HUNGARIAN)
(7/31/2014) Grandmaster (Magyar - HUNGARIAN)
(8/01/2014) Self-Made quality (Magyar - HUNGARIAN)

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