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Who am I?
Basic information
(Type ): Animal
Gender: Male
Health: 300
Speed: 77%
Birth place: Russia
Native language: Russian
Age: 16
Team Fortress 2
Favourite classes: Heavy
Favourite maps: Hightower
Favourite weapons: Strange Tomislav/Strange Shotgun/Strange Killing Gloves of Boxing
Favourite hats: Fur-lined Fighter/Bruiser's Bandanna/Weight Room Warmer
Contact information
Steam page: icyrusseal
E-mail: cool.bullseye@yandex.ru

What are you lookin' at?
Scout on random russian guys' wiki pages

Some have-to-links

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Main article: User:Sealed/ToDo


Main article: User:Sealed/Userboxes


Once upon a time I wanted to see something on the wiki. But then I found outdated pages via Special:Random page. The end.
I don't want this hat now, and I'm here not solely for it. Even though it's awesome, I don't even deserve one. But translating wiki is a good practise in English (proving my mom wrong that «you don't use English, thus you will forget it soon»), so this is my main thingy.