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Steam profile Wiki Contributions Talk page
Steam profile Wiki Contributions Talk page

Hello there! Inexperienced TF2 Coach SkyTBM here at your service. I'm quite a fan of Team Fortress and figured I'd pop into the wiki. I likely won't majorly edit articles any time soon, but I might seek out some mistakes in them.

Steam Name: SkyTBM

Coach: Yes

Experienced: No

Contributor: No

Call of Duty Player: NO.

Stolen Secondary Profile: Yes

Sandbox: Yes (Currently occupied by a list of Community-created Item Sets.)

Work-In-Progress User Page: Yes. Definitely.

Progress: I have no clue how to add a bar thing, but I'd say my page is quite unfinished.

Editing Stalls

Private Stalls

  1. Stall 1

Public Stalls

  1. April Fools 2017 Update Sandbox