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Documentation for Dictionary

Several strings of text are stored in multiple languages in a dictionary-like method spread across multiple subpages. This page acts as the central coordination page for all of them.

Where to edit?

Please see the list above.

Pictogram info.png Note: Don't make edits to individual string pages, e.g. Template:Dictionary/items/soldier's_stash, as any changes will be overwritten the next time the bot runs.


The dictionary pages (listed above) are where strings are kept and maintained. As often as possible, this page is interpreted by a bot which then pushes all changes to the individual string pages. This system avoids the serious performance issues of the previous system but still keeps it easy for translators to add, update or otherwise alter language strings.

For example, the names for the Soldier's Stash in multiple languages are kept in Template:Dictionary/items under the section 'Hats'. This whole page is then fetched by the bot and all translations of 'Soldier's Stash' are then copied to Template:Dictionary/items/soldier's_stash. Then, simply on any page or nav template, you can autotranslate this by using the code {{item name|Soldier's Stash}}.


Please post on the talk page if you need any help editing.