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Documentation for Dictionary

Several strings of text are stored in multiple languages in a dictionary-like method spread across multiple subpages. This page acts as the central coordination page for all of them.

Where to edit?

Please see the list above.

Pictogram info.png Note: Don't make edits to individual string pages, e.g. Template:Dictionary/items/soldier's_stash, as any changes will be overwritten the next time the bot runs.


The dictionary pages (listed above) are where strings are kept and maintained. As often as possible, this page is interpreted by a bot which then pushes all changes to the individual string pages. This system avoids the serious performance issues of the previous system but still keeps it easy for translators to add, update, or otherwise alter language strings.

For example, the names for the Soldier's Stash in multiple languages are kept in Template:Dictionary/items under the section 'Cosmetic items'. This whole page is then fetched by the bot and all translations of 'Soldier's Stash' are then copied to Template:Dictionary/items/soldier's_stash. Then, simply on any page or nav template, you can autotranslate this by using the code {{item name|Soldier's Stash}}.

Forcing updates

To force the bot to update dictionary entries, add the whole dictionary page ([[Template:Dictionary/something]], e.g. [[Template:Dictionary/common strings]], not [[Template:Dictionary/something/subpage]]) to the list of pages at User:WindBOT/PageRequests.

If the bot still doesn't update the page you're expecting, check out its recent edits. If it is actively editing lots of pages, it may have a backlog of edits to do prior to getting to your page. The bot processes work in batches and automatically stops after many edits in order to not overwhelm the wiki servers and to allow moderators time to react to large swaths of changes. If you can see that the bot is still working on its backlog, then keep adding the page to User:WindBOT/PageRequests until it gets there.

If the bot doesn't seem to be making any progress or recent edits, it may be wise to delete its synchronization data. This is a special page at [[Template:Dictionary/something/Special:SyncData]] which contains a list of key:data hash lines. Feel free to delete only the line that contains the entries you'd like to have refreshed. This will invalidate what the bot thinks is currently on the subpage. Then add the dictionary page to User:WindBOT/PageRequests, and the bot will re-create the subpage.

If there is a large amount of such un-pushed pages, it may be advisable to clear out the entire contents of the [[Template:Dictionary/something/Special:SyncData]] page. Note that doing so will cause the bot to no longer know about previous pages it created but that are no longer in the dictionary. Such pages are usually deleted automatically by the bot, but clearing [[Template:Dictionary/something/Special:SyncData]] makes it forget about them.


Please post on the talk page if you need any help editing.