May 20, 2010 Patch

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This article is specific to the patch released. For information on the update, see Second Community Contribution Update.

Patch notes

Update contribute.png

Team Fortress 2

  • Added new community weapons and hats
  • Updated CP_Gorge
    • Added nobuilds to the awnings outside BLU's forward spawn to preventing players building up there.
    • More clip work and model collision work based on community feedback.
    • Fixed BLU forward spawn door appearing through roof.
  • Updated PLR_Pipeline
    • Added new stairwell in Stage 1 and window access to both team's platforms by main choke point to help alleviate stalemates.
    • Reverted the starting position for the cart in Stage 3 if a team had won the first 2 stages to where you no longer get a big cart-start-position advantage.
    • Fixed rare cases where stage would break when cart had no nearby capper(s)
    • Fixed carts not always moving to their starting locations correctly.
    • Fixed respawn times in Stage 3 not being set to the proper values.
    • Fixed the map not finishing correctly in Stage 3 if the two teams capture the final point at the same time.
  • Removed sv_showhitboxes to avoid players confusing it with the method by which we do hit detection (see for info)