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Cp gorge.jpg
Basic Information
Map type: Control Point
File name: cp_gorge
Released: December 17, 2009 Patch
(WAR! Update)
Variants: Control Point, Mannpower and Halloween
Developer(s): Valve
Map Info
Environment: Alpine / Industrial
Setting: Daylight, sunny
Bot support: Yes
Map Items
Healthico.png Health Kits: Smallhealth.png ×2  •  Mediumhealth.png ×11
Ammoico.png Ammo Boxes: Mediumammo.png ×10   •  
Largeammo.png ×4
Map Photos
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Map Overview
Gorge overview.png
Cp_gorge is a top secret alpine facility diabolically masquerading as something else entirely: in this case, a sinister weapons factory disguised as an innocent water purification plant, and a large-ish hole not big enough to meet the U.S. Geological Survey’s standards for a gorge, disguised as a by-the-book, nothing-to-see-here gorge. Cp_gorge is an attack/defense map with only two control points, designed for quick rounds and fast, frantic play. It has more lateral game space than previous Control Point maps, allowing for more maneuvering options.

Gorge is a single-stage Attack/Defend Control Point map. It was released with the WAR! Update as an official map. While similar to Attack/Defend style maps like Dustbowl and Egypt, Gorge features a single large stage, as opposed to three smaller stages. Gorge was the first official Attack/Defend map with a moving BLU spawn point. The map's layout allows for more attacking choices for BLU and fewer high-traffic choke points.

A Halloween version of the map was released in the Scream Fortress 2015 update.


Note: If you are having trouble with finding the locations listed here, see the Helpful overview section to see their exact position marked on the map.

Directions are described from BLU's (attacking) perspective.

BLU Spawn

  • Entrance Yard: The entrance yard is located outside of BLU's initial spawn area. It is entered by BLU from three different exits that are all respectively located at the far left, right, and center of the BLU spawn mountain wall. The entrance yard is mostly open without any cover except for the toll booth and a small wall on one side.
  • Toll Booth: The toll booth is the small building to one side of the entrance yard. Inside is a large ammo pack, and the roof can be accessed by a ladder leaning on it. Engineers often like to camp here and place Sentry Guns, especially on the roof of the booth.
  • Checkpoint Building: The checkpoint building is the large building separating the gorge area and the entrance yard. From the front, it has one main entrance walled off, leaving entrance from two sides. The building's interior is mostly empty, except for a few barrels and water tanks lined up on the walls. There are two exits on the far walls, each of which exits out to the far sides of the gorge. The main exit is atop a twin staircase that exits out in front of Control Point A. The main room is a common location for Engineer nests, usually under or near the twin staircase.
  • Upper Deck: A second-floor route with two rooms and staircases at each end gives defensive battlements to RED and a flank to the gorge to BLU.

Control Point A

  • Bridge: Control Point A is located on a level bridge over the map's titular gorge. The gorge landmark itself is accessible from various entrances from all directions. The outcrop of the main building sports a peephole that can serve as an effective Sentry Gun or Sniper nest.
  • Gorge: The gorge runs through the entire capture point area, from wall to wall and under the bridge. There is a large health kit underneath the bridge in the gorge. BLU's side of the gorge generally slopes to the water while the RED side has some defensive walls that block classes that cannot blast jump.
  • BLU Forward Spawn: Once BLU captures Control Point A, their spawn room moves to the top of the building overlooking the Gorge and the main building.

RED Base

  • Main Hallway: The main hallway is the long hallway connected to the main entrance nearest the bridge. It runs through the building from the entrance to the choke room. It is connected to the flank hallway and has a set of stairs at the end that leads up to platforms above the hallway and choke room.
  • Flank Hallway: The flank hallway runs through the building nearer the entrance perpendicular to the main hallway. It connects near the entrance of the main hallway, and to the side entrance to the building. There is a staircase at its far end that leads to the second floor.
  • Second Floor: The second floor runs all through the hallways and choke room. It is accessible from a set of stairs at the end of the main hallway and a set at the end of the flank hallway. It runs above the flank and main hallway. From the flank, it leads to a drop-down to the choke.
  • Choke: The choke is the room before the final point, which is often heavily contested. The walls are lined with barrels. Above the barrels is the second-floor balcony. The small far corner room on the balcony is a common forward BLU Engineer nest location. Most of the fighting just before capture the final point will go on in this room; this room must be controlled before the final defense of the second point can be attacked. There are six entrances/exits: one from the main hallway, one above that from the second floor (closed until the first point is captured), two from the second-floor flank, and two exits to the final point room.
  • Flank Room: This far flank between the choke and the final room is closed off until the first point is captured.

Control Point B

  • Final Room: The final room is marked by a lower floor in the center where the point is located. Surrounding the lower floor are walkways on the walls that curve around the area.
  • RED Spawn: RED spawn is located to the right of the final room.
  • Spawn Flank: From RED Spawn, a flanking hallway runs all of the way around the control point, left and right, and has a number of locations from which to fire into on the control point and into the choke.
  • Control Point: The final capture point of the map is situated in the heart of the main building. The point itself is set deep in a lower open floor, putting BLU at a height disadvantage when attempting to capture. In one corner of the room is the RED spawn room, and in the other is a similar overlook to the point. Beneath the overhanging ledge within the lower floor is a popular place for RED Sentry Guns, as it can only be attacked from within the lower floor itself or from the far walkways.

Helpful overview

Gorge's locations
1.Entrance Yard
2.Toll Booth
3.Upper Deck
4.Checkpoint Building
5.Gorge (Valley)
6.Flank Hallway
7.Main Hallway
8.Second Floor
9.Flank Room
Red/blue diagonal lines: Red/Blu first spawn
Blue double diagonal lines: Blu second spawn
Green circle: First control point
Yellow circles: Second/final control point


Main article: Community Gorge strategy

Control Point timing

Control Point Multiplier Seconds
Control Point 1 ×1
60 .000
40 .000
32 .727
28 .800
26 .277
Control Point 2 ×1
12 .000
8 .000
6 .545
5 .760
5 .255

Update history

December 17, 2009 Patch (WAR! Update)
  • Added Gorge to the game.

January 27, 2010 Patch

  • Updated CP_Gorge
    • Added more cover outside of the initial BLU spawn area.
    • Added a forward spawn for the BLU team after Cap1 is captured.
    • Added another access point to the upper level from the front of the RED base.
    • Added more cover in the room just before Cap2.
    • Decreased RED team's respawn time while they own Cap1.
    • Fixed a few areas where players would sometimes become stuck.

May 20, 2010 Patch (Second Community Contribution Update)

  • Updated CP_Gorge
    • Added nobuilds to the awnings outside BLU's forward spawn to preventing players building up there.
    • More clip work and model collision work based on community feedback.
    • Fixed BLU forward spawn door appearing through roof.

October 13, 2011 Patch (Manniversary Update & Sale)

  • Added team-specific func_nobuild brushes in elevated forward spawn areas.

July 10, 2013 Patch

  • Players can no longer build in Blu's first spawn room
  • Changed scale of water texture

December 6, 2013 Patch

  • Improved bot navigation.

December 20, 2013 Patch

  • Improved bot navigation.


  • Demomen can place stickybombs on the exterior side of the setup gates, causing them to float in midair after the gates have opened.
  • After the first point is captured, BLU bots do not leave the spawn room.
  • RED Engineers are still able to build on the forward spawn ledge if they stand on an outcropping below the ledge while doing so.
  • If a teleporter is placed on the balcony to the right and down the hallway from RED's spawn, BLU bots use said teleporter and become unable to escape it, as their path finding AI directs them all into a corner. Note that this balcony is only accessible via sentry jump, sticky jump, or rocket jump.


  • "Gorge Herald" was the title of the newspaper seen in The end is near part of the WAR! Update, as well as the map being featured in both the Soldier and Demoman update pages before the map was officially revealed in the update.


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