Second Community Contribution Update

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This article is for content released in the update. For the patch itself, see May 20, 2010 Patch.
Promotional image from the TF2 Official Website.
Remember, if you see someone carrying one of these "self-made" items, make sure you thank them for their work! (But then, of course, shoot them.)
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The Second Community Contribution Update, also known as the Second Contribute Update, was the in-game release of several items that were selected by Valve for outstanding quality through the contribution page (now replaced by the Steam Workshop). Released with the May 20, 2010 Patch, the update added a total of 2 new weapons, and 11 new cosmetics. The arrival of the Second Community Contribution Update also introduced the bleed weapon mechanic.



Main article: Weapons
Scotsman's Skullcutter Scotsman's Skullcutter
Tribalman's Shiv Tribalman's Shiv

Cosmetic items

Main article: Cosmetic items
Whoopee Cap Whoopee Cap
Sergeant's Drill Hat Sergeant's Drill Hat
Vintage Merryweather Vintage Merryweather
Whiskered Gentleman Whiskered Gentleman
Tippler's Tricorne Tippler's Tricorne
Heavy Duty Rag Heavy Duty Rag
Safe'n'Sound Safe'n'Sound
Gentleman's Gatsby Gentleman's Gatsby
Ze Goggles Ze Goggles
Bloke's Bucket Hat Bloke's Bucket Hat
Frenchman's Beret Frenchman's Beret

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