January 6, 2011 Patch (Beta)

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Patch notes

An Important Note

With this update we'll be trying our first big gameplay experiment.

As we mentioned at the beta’s launch, one of our goals for it is to try some gameplay experiments, and gather real-world data. We’d like to do this because we want learn more about our current design, and challenge some of the assumptions we’ve made over the years about what makes combat in TF2 fun. In this update we’re going to double player health. In particular, we hope this will teach us a bit about our weapon balancing, and the way it changes as combat takes longer to resolve.

It's important to stress that this is an experiment, and as such, there's a good chance that these changes may not make it to live.


  • Player health increased 100%
  • Damage against buildings (sentries, etc) reduced 50%


  • Synced with changes from the official releases


  • Removed variants
  • Removed heal target immune to Natascha


  • cp_well
    • fixed a bunch of model and player clip issues
    • made the 2nd point defender spawn door one-way
    • note: there's a known-issue with the skybox on the Mac