March 26, 2019 Patch

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Source: Team Fortress 2 Update Released

Patch notes

Team Fortress 2

  • Fixed the Exorcism effect not working for Wrangler kills
  • Fixed a rare case where players could appear to be in a match they could neither join nor abandon
  • Updated HUD with community fixes from CriticalFlaw[1]
  • Added[2] and updated[3] in-game medals for community/tournament events
  • Updated the localization files

Undocumented changes


  1. Community HUD Fixes No.1
  2. Added NHBL Season 8, TFCL 2.0 Tester, Russian Highlander Season 2, Season 1, One Day Prolander Cup Spring 2019, Fruit Mixes Highlander Season 1, New Caps Cup Season 1, UDL Spring 2019, Rasslabyxa Cup Season 1, ozfortress Open Season 24, Australian Hightower Highjinx 2019, Ultimate Ultiduo Season 3, Brazil Fortress JumpCup Soldier/Demoman Season 1, Highlander Experimental Maps Cup Winter 2018, RETF2 Retrospective 2 Season 2, ETF2L 6v6 Season 32, ETF2L Fresh Meat Challenge Season 2, and South American Vanilla Fortress Season 1 tournament medals.
    Added Madness vs Machines community medals.
  3. Updated the description of the Mappers vs. Machines Participant Medal 2017