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Map infobox
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Basic information
Developer(s): Valve

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This template adds in information box to articles on maps. It adds pages to Category:Maps.


Pictogram comment.png The map stamp image, map overview image, and map loading screen image are all automatically added based on their filename. These files should always be .png files!
For the overview image, the file name should be page name (i.e. "Upward" or "Orange (custom map)") followed by "overview" (see File:Upward overview.png).
For the map stamp image, the file name should be "Item icon Map Stamp - " followed by the page name (see File:Item icon Map Stamp - Cascade.png).
For the map loading screen images, the file name should be "Menu photos" followed by the map's file name (i.e. koth_viaduct) (see File:Menu photos koth viaduct.png).

{{Map infobox
| map-name-override = 
| map-image = 
| game-type = 
| file-name = 
| current-version = 
| release-date = 
| last-updated = 
| developer = 
| link = 
| map-multiple-stages = 
| map-environment = 
| map-setting = 
| map-deep-water = 
| map-hazards = 
| map-underworld-hazards = 
| map-pyrovision = 
| map-items = 
| map-health-pickups-small = 
| map-health-pickups-medium = 
| map-health-pickups-large = 
| map-ammo-pickups-small = 
| map-ammo-pickups-medium = 
| map-ammo-pickups-large = 
| map-special-pickups-sgg = 
| map-special-pickups-pumpkin = 
| map-stamp-link = 
| map-bots = 


Parameter Required? Function
map-name-override No The name of the map if it is anything other than the page name.
map-image Yes File name of image of map, automatically resized to 300px wide. Defaults to File:Screenshot needed.png.
game-type No Game type or mode, such as Arena, in English. Automatically linked, categorizing and translated.
file-name No File name of map.
current-version Custom maps Latest version of the map, such as A2, B5, RC5.
release-date No The date the map was released to the public in a Valve Update.
last-updated No The last time the map was updated by a Valve patch.
developer Custom maps Name and optional Steam id profile link for the developer/author and contributors of the map in the same order their names appear in the map's start screen. Do not name individual Valve employees. See Policy.
link Custom maps Link(s) to development threads, websites, etc.
map-multiple-stages No Number of stages the map is composed of.
map-environment No Map environment (Alpine, Desert, etc). Also enables the Map Info section header.
map-setting No Map setting, as daytime and weather.
map-deep-water No Deep water present in map.
map-hazards No Various environmental hazards present in map.
map-underworld-hazards No Various environmental hazards present in map's underworld.
map-pyrovision No Map is pyrovision compatible.
map-items No Set to none shows the Map Items section header and a single entry saying None. (Useful for item_test-like maps.)
map-health-pickups-small No Number of small health pickups present in map.
map-health-pickups-medium No Number of medium health pickups present in map.
map-health-pickups-large No Number of large health pickups present in map.
map-ammo-pickups-small No Number of small ammo pickups present in map.
map-ammo-pickups-medium No Number of medium ammo pickups present in map.
map-ammo-pickups-large No Number of large ammo pickups present in map.
map-special-pickups-sgg No Soul Gargoyles present in map.
map-special-pickups-pumpkin No Halloween pumpkins present in map.
map-stamp-link No If a map stamp is available in Mann Co. Store, provide link to supporters leaderboard.

Set to unavailable displays the map stamp and a "Supporters leaderboard not yet available" line.

map-bots No Bots supported. The robot horde in Mann vs. Machine does not count.