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Map infobox
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Basic information
Developer(s): Valve

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This template adds in information box to articles on maps. It adds pages to Category:Maps.


{{Map infobox
| map-name-override = 
| map-image = 
| game-type = 
| file-name=
| current-version = 
| release-date = 
| last-updated = 
| developer = 
| link = 
| map-multiple-stages =
| map-environment = 
| map-setting = 
| map-deep-water = 
| map-hazards = 
| map-underworld-hazards = 
| map-pyrovision = 
| map-items = 
| map-health-pickups-small = 
| map-health-pickups-medium = 
| map-health-pickups-large = 
| map-ammo-pickups-small = 
| map-ammo-pickups-medium = 
| map-ammo-pickups-large = 
| map-special-pickups-sgg = 
| map-special-pickups-pumpkin = 
| map-stamp-link = 
| map-bots =


Parameter Required? Function
map-name-override No The name of the map if it is anything other than the page name.
map-image Yes File name of image of map, automatically resized to 300px wide. Defaults to File:Screenshot needed.png.
game-type No Game type or mode, such as Arena, in English. Automatically linked, categorizing and translated.
file-name No File name of map.
current-version Custom maps Latest version of the map, such as A2, B5, RC5.
release-date No The date the map was released to the public in a Valve Update.
last-updated No The last time the map was updated by a Valve patch.
developer Custom maps Name and optional link to the developer/author of the map. Do not name individual Valve employees.
link Custom maps Link(s) to development threads, websites, etc.
map-multiple-stages No Number of stages the map is composed of.
map-environment No Map environment (Alpine, Desert, etc). Also enables the Map Info section header.
map-setting No Map setting, as daytime and weather.
map-deep-water No Deep water present in map.
map-hazards No Various environmental hazards present in map.
map-underworld-hazards No Various environmental hazards present in map's underworld.
map-pyrovision No Map is pyrovision compatible.
map-items No Set to none shows the Map Items section header and a single entry saying None. (Useful for item_test-like maps.)
map-health-pickups-small No Number of small health pickups present in map.
map-health-pickups-medium No Number of medium health pickups present in map.
map-health-pickups-large No Number of large health pickups present in map.
map-ammo-pickups-small No Number of small ammo pickups present in map.
map-ammo-pickups-medium No Number of medium ammo pickups present in map.
map-ammo-pickups-large No Number of large ammo pickups present in map.
map-special-pickups-sgg No Soul Gargoyles present in map.
map-special-pickups-pumpkin No Halloween pumpkins present in map.
map-stamp-link No If a map stamp is available in Mann Co. Store, provide link to supporters leaderboard.

Set to unavailable displays the map stamp and a "Supporters leaderboard not yet available" line.

map-bots No Bots supported. The robot horde in Mann Vs. Machine does not count.