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A Soldier bot in action on the Dustbowl Training map.
This page is about computer-controlled players in the game Team Fortress 2.
Human teammates might judge you, but will these soulless automatons? YES. They're not blind. But they ARE mute, so your incompetence is a secret they will take to their grave.
The Soldier

A Bot or BOT is a computer-controlled player on a server. There are two types of bots in Team Fortress 2: AI bots and Puppet bots. AI bots are coded with sophisticated artificial intelligence designed to emulate player actions in game, and can be used without enabling cheats. Puppet bots have no AI coding, but are useful for testing and training. Puppet bots require the server to have cheats enabled, which also disables achievements.

Stock AI bots

The stock AI bots, or TFBots, are designed to emulate human players and are not directly controlled. Additionally, their classes are chosen at random. They use sophisticated AI code based on the PlayerBot and Infected AI featured in the Left 4 Dead series.[1] AI bots do not require the server to have cheats enabled; therefore, achievements are enabled while playing with them. There is one exception, however; Bots do not see Deathcam shots when killed; therefore, a player cannot attain Deathcam-related achievements. Also, killing a bot with a Strange weapon will not increase the weapon's kill count, unless the weapon has a Strange Part: Robots Destroyed applied to it, in which case, the kill will be added to the Strange Part and not the main counter.

AI bots come in four skill levels ranging from easy to expert. Sigsegv has compiled detailed explanation on the skill differences.

AI bots can be indirectly controlled to an extent:

  • Any friendly and enemy bot that the player focuses on with their crosshair during setup time will taunt.
  • A friendly Medic bot will heal a player if they utilize the "Medic!" voice command.
  • If a Medic bot is healing and has an ÜberCharge ready, using the voice commands "Go go go!" or "Activate Charge!" will cause the bot to immediately activate his ÜberCharge.
  • A Medic bot with an ÜberCharge ready will immediately activate the charge if he or the healing target gets hurt significantly.
  • Bots will attempt to join teammates performing a partner taunt (e.g. the High Five) or a group taunt (e.g. the Conga).


Maps with official bot support

Map Map Type File Name
Dustbowl Attack/Defend cp_dustbowl
Gorge Attack/Defend cp_gorge
Gorge Event Attack/Defend cp_gorge_event
Mann Manor Attack/Defend cp_manor_event
Mercenary Park Attack/Defend cp_mercenarypark
Mossrock Attack/Defend cp_mossrock
Badlands (CP) Control Points cp_badlands
Foundry (CP) Control Points cp_foundry
Granary (CP) Control Points cp_granary
Gullywash Control Points cp_gullywash_final1
Metalworks Control Points cp_metalworks
Process Control Points cp_process_final
Snakewater Control Points cp_snakewater_final1
Sunshine Control Points cp_sunshine
Vanguard Control Points cp_vanguard
Turbine Capture The Flag ctf_turbine
Badlands (KOTH) King of the Hill koth_badlands
Brazil King of the Hill koth_brazil
Eyeaduct King of the Hill koth_viaduct_event
Ghost Fort King of the Hill koth_lakeside_event
Kong King King of the Hill koth_king
Lakeside King of the Hill koth_lakeside_final
Laughter King of the Hill koth_slaughter_event
Lazarus King of the Hill koth_lazarus
Moldergrove King of the Hill koth_undergrove_event
Moonshine Event King of the Hill koth_moonshine_event
Nucleus (KOTH) King of the Hill koth_nucleus
Probed King of the Hill koth_probed
Sawmill (KOTH) King of the Hill koth_sawmill
Slasher King of the Hill koth_slasher
Viaduct King of the Hill koth_viaduct
Badwater Basin Payload pl_badwater
Barnblitz Payload pl_barnblitz
Bloodwater Payload pl_bloodwater
Brimstone Payload pl_fifthcurve_event
Enclosure Payload pl_enclosure_final
Gold Rush Payload pl_goldrush
Gravestone Payload pl_rumble_event
Hoodoo Payload pl_hoodoo_final
Precipice[OfficialSupport 1] Payload pl_precipice_event_final
Swiftwater Payload pl_swiftwater_final1
Thunder Mountain Payload pl_thundermountain
Upward Payload pl_upward
Pier Payload pl_pier
Wutville[OfficialSupport 1] Payload pl_wutville_event
  1. a b On Precipice and Wutville, BLU bots get stuck trying to leave one of BLU's spawn points. Therefore, BLU can only win if few or no BLU bots die when the cart is near that spawn point.

Using bots on unsupported maps

See also: Navigation Meshes on the Valve Developer Community
  1. Nav mesh editing requires cheats enabled, so type "sv_cheats 1" in the console.
  2. Build the initial nav mesh using the "nav_generate" command.
  3. Wait while the game generates AI paths, progress is tracked in the console.
  4. Map will reload.
  5. Optionally tweak the generated nav mesh to add missing data and remove erroneous data. Use "nav_edit 1" to enter nav mesh editing mode.
  6. Reload/Restart the server (optional, but if it is not done, then achievements will be disabled).
  7. Open console and type "tf_bot_add <number>" as above to add bots.

WARNING: The game is likely to crash if you edit the navigation mesh with bots enabled.

Bots can be used on any map on which the above steps have been performed without having to repeat them, except for entering the "tf_bot_add <number>" command each time bots need to be added.

Auto-generated nav meshes work best on Control Points, King of the Hill, Payload, and Capture the Flag maps. On Mannpower maps, the bots will play as Capture the Flag, but be unable to use Grappling Hooks or intelligently use the Powerups they walk over.

Setting the value of the console command "tf_bot_offense_must_push_time" to 0 allows bots to fight each other in maps without objectives that they can recognize, unless the map doesn't have any respawn room entities.

Stock maps with no official bot support

AI bot commands

For a more comprehensive list of commands, see the Valve list of TF2 console commands and variables.

To use AI bots on supported maps, the server administrator should type the following commands into the console (some may require sv_cheats to be set to 1):

Command Description
tf_bot_add This command will create one or more AI bots of random classes on random teams. They will also be assigned random names from a default set.
tf_bot_add [<count>] [<class>] [<team>] [<difficulty>] [<name>] [noquota]
Specifies the number of bots to spawn. If omitted, one bot is spawned.
Trying to create bots beyond maxplayers will fail with an error message in the console.
If mp_teams_unbalance_limit is too low, adding more bots onto one team may still result in autobalancing to even out team numbers.
The classname of the class can be Demoman, Engineer, HeavyWeapons, Medic, Pyro, Scout, Soldier, Sniper, or Spy
Specifies the team name to assign the bot, where team can be red or blue.
Sets the difficulty level for the bot, where difficulty can be easy, normal, hard, or expert.
Sets the connecting bot's name.
If the exact phrase 'noquota' is present, the bot is excluded from the bot quota management system. See tf_bot_quota.
tf_bot_add 3 heavyweapons red easy will add three Heavies to the RED team at the easy skill level.
tf_bot_difficulty Defines the skill of bots joining the game.
tf_bot_difficulty <level>
Sets the difficulty level for the bots. Values are: 0=easy, 1=normal, 2=hard, 3=expert. Default is "Normal" (1).
tf_bot_difficulty 2 will set all bots created after this command to "Hard" difficulty.
tf_bot_fire_weapon_allowed Determines whether bots should fire weapons. If disabled, bots can still use certain non-damaging weapons such as the Medi Gun. As one exception, though, Medic bots will still fire their Syringe Gun. Additionally, Demoman bots will still be able to detonate existing stickies, but will not place any more.
tf_bot_fire_weapon_allowed <integer>
Either 1 or 0. Default is 1 (enabled).
tf_bot_fire_weapon_allowed 0 will result in bots not using their weapons, with a few exceptions.
tf_bot_force_class If set to a class name, all TFBots will respawn as that class.
tf_bot_force_class <class>
The classname of the class can be Demoman, Engineer, HeavyWeapons, Medic, Pyro, Scout, Soldier, Sniper, or Spy. Default is "" (aka blank).
tf_bot_force_class medic will make all TFBots respawn as Medic.
tf_bot_force_jump If enabled, forces bots to repeatedly jump over and over.
tf_bot_force_jump <integer>
Either 1 or 0. Default is 0 (disabled).
tf_bot_force_jump 1 will force AI bots to repeatedly jump.
tf_bot_join_after_player If nonzero, bots wait until a player joins before entering the game. This only applies to quota spawned bots.
tf_bot_join_after_player <integer>
Either 1 or 0. Default is 1 (enabled).
tf_bot_join_after_player 0 will make TFBots join the game when added even if no players are on a team.
tf_bot_keep_class_after_death If zero, bots will always respawn as a different class.
tf_bot_keep_class_after_death <integer>
Either 1 or 0. Default is 0 (disabled).
tf_bot_keep_class_after_death 1 will prevent TFBots from changing class.

This command will remove one or all AI bots.

tf_bot_kick <name/all/team>
Specifies the name of bot to remove, the team to remove, or all.
tf_bot_kick CEDA will kick the TFBot named "CEDA" if one exists. Like tf_bot_kill, quotation marks will be needed to kick bots with names that consist of 2 or more words, such as tf_bot_kick "Black Mesa" to kick the TFBot named "Black Mesa".

This command will kill one or all AI bots.

tf_bot_kill <name/all/team>
Specifies the name of bot to kill, the team to kill, or all.
tf_bot_kill CEDA will kill the TFBot named "CEDA" if one exists. Quotation marks will be needed to kill bots with names that consist of 2 or more words, such as tf_bot_kill "Black Mesa" to kill the TFBot named "Black Mesa".
tf_bot_melee_only Determines whether a bot should only use melee weapons or not.
tf_bot_melee_only <integer>
Either 1 or 0. Default is 0 (disabled).
tf_bot_melee_only 1 will have bots using only melee weapons.
tf_bot_prefix_name_with_difficulty If nonzero, append the skill level of the bot to the bot's name
tf_bot_prefix_name_with_difficulty <integer>
Either 1 or 0. Default is 0 (disabled).
tf_bot_prefix_name_with_difficulty 1 will cause added bots to have names like "Normal Aimbot" and "Expert Saxton Hale".
tf_bot_quota Determines the total number of TFBots in the game. Only has effect if tf_bot_quota_mode = "fill" or "match".
tf_bot_quota <integer>
Whole number between 0 and how many players the server can hold. Default is 0.
tf_bot_quota 2, if tf_bot_quota_mode = match, will add two bots to the server for every one human.
tf_bot_quota_mode Determines the type of quota.
If 'normal', the server will never add/remove TFBots without explicit commands and bot_quota has no effect.
If 'fill', the server will adjust bots to keep N players in the game, where N is bot_quota.
If 'match', the server will maintain a 1:N ratio of humans to bots, where N is bot_quota.
tf_bot_quota_mode fill will always keep (bot_quota - # of human players) bots in the game.
tf_bot_taunt_victim_chance Determines how often a Bot will taunt a human victim.
tf_bot_taunt_victim_chance <integer>
Whole number between 0 and 100. Default is 20.
tf_bot_taunt_victim_chance 0 Bots will never taunt after killing a human player.
tf_bot_taunt_victim_chance 100 Bots will always taunt after killing a human player.
tf_bot_warp_team_to_me Teleports your team's bots to your position. Requires sv_cheats 1.

Current AI bot status

AI bots are fully released[citation needed]. Currently, all classes are working properly due to the Hatless Update, including the once-buggy Spy. AI bots only work properly for most official King of the Hill maps, some Payload maps, Attack/Defend maps Dustbowl and Gorge, Capture the Flag maps, and Mann Manor (on the latter two, bots can only be added by using the tf_bot_add command in the console). The use of AI bots on non-supported maps is possible by following certain steps; however, they will not emulate human players as well.

Bots will not work properly on any PLR map as they either can't jump over the railings on Hightower or get stuck in a random corner in spawn; and bots have a dance party on any other PLR map (this may change in the future).[citation needed]

AI bot behavior

  • Bots currently only use the default loadout (although they can be given non-Stock weapons with a custom mod/plugin).
  • Bots on Easy difficulty will rarely, if ever, use any weapon other than their primary weapon. Bots on higher difficulties will switch to and use their secondary weapon as soon as the ammunition of their primary weapon is spent, or to compensate for the distance of their target.
  • Bots currently cannot execute special jumps (such as rocket jumps) or haul buildings.
  • If a bot kills a player, they roll a chance to taunt immediately after, and if it succeeds, they will taunt even if they are under enemy fire. However, bots will not taunt if carrying the enemy intelligence. This behavior applies to Robots in Mann vs. Machine mode.
  • Spy bots (and players) are properly ignored by other bots while disguised. However, upon 'touching' any enemy bot, sapping, shooting, or Cloaking, all other bots who see it happen will declare the bot/player a Spy and won't forget who they are until they change disguises while unseen or until the bot(s) who declared them a Spy dies or feigns death with the Dead Ringer.
  • Pyro bots will use the compression blast against projectiles and opponents with unusual frequency if on difficulties other than Easy.
  • Medic bots will usually heal all other classes before Snipers (and to a lesser extent Engineers) even if the "Medic!" voice command is used.
  • Medic bots tend to favor Heavies, Soldiers, Demomen, and Pyros, if being played by a human. If no human player is one of these classes, they are not likely to be pocketed.
  • A Medic bot with an ÜberCharge ready will immediately activate the charge if he gets hurt. This behavior is used by Über Medics in Mann vs. Machine mode.
  • Bots do not attack during setup time unless they are attacked first (with the exception of Demoman bots planting stickybombs).
  • Engineer bots do not upgrade (or even remove Sappers from) their Teleporters, and sometimes don't repair their Sentry Guns even when they're not under fire.
  • Engineer bots will never repair or upgrade a friendly Engineer bot's building, unless that building is in the way of the Engineer's target.
  • Bots, excluding Engineers, Snipers, and Spies, will stay in their spawn positions on setup when attacking in a Attack/Defend map or a Payload map.
  • Spy bots, when spotted by another bot (possibly player), will not attempt to backstab and will instead switch to their Revolver and shoot while retreating.
  • Demoman bots, once they know where a Sentry Gun is (usually after dying to one), will be able to stand out of range of the sentry and perfectly aim and time their stickybomb charges to land precisely where the Sentry Gun is. Walls and ceilings may occasionally get in the way of the stickybombs' flight path, though.
  • Sniper bots, upon scoping in and not finding a target, will use one of the "Negative" voice commands
  • Friendly Medics will tend to heal a disguised Spy.


  • Bots may try to walk/shoot through unmovable objects such as walls.
  • Whenever a player/bot cloaks/decloaks or disguises/undisguises, the bots will 'see' players who are behind them and turn around, even if out of the bot's field of view. Note that this isn't due to any sounds made by the player (footsteps, miscellaneous weapon noises, etc.).
  • Though rarely, bots may stand inside one another during usage of an Engineer's Teleporter, and get stuck (can't move).
  • When bots use voice commands (such as "Spy!" and "Move Up!"), text versions of the voice commands do not display.
  • A Medic bot who is healing a player will not avoid enemy fire or collect health pickups, even if he is at critically low health.
  • Bots are able to move while taunting, making the Holiday Punch ineffective.
  • Recently attacked Medic bots will often fail to use their Syringe Gun to deal with enemies at non-melee range, instead switching to their Bonesaw, or even to their Medi Gun on extremely rare occasions.
  • Medic bots will fail to lead their aim or to compensate for gravity while firing the Syringe Gun. This may be due to the Syringe Gun not being properly identified as a non-hitscan weapon in the bot AI code.
  • Spy bots are able to see and follow cloaked Spies (AI or player) should one give himself away, regardless of difficulty level.
  • Even if a Spy is disguised as a class of his team (player only, as bots will never do this), enemies will still point him out as a Spy should he bump into an enemy.
  • Bots abide by Auto-balance rules. To be able to spawn bots on a specific team, you must set mp_teams_unbalance_limit to 0.
  • Engineer bots may ignore their buildings until they're destroyed.
  • Heavy bots will sometimes try to fire their Minigun even when out of ammo. (Although it seems to occur abundantly when the bot difficulty is set below Advanced)
  • Medic bots on the losing team will occasionally commit suicide during Humiliation when there are no enemies nearby. Players are unable to do the same, even using commands.
  • Setting the loadout menu's preview to BLU will cause RED bots to appear BLU.
  • Currently, bots do not work on the following types of game modes or maps, even with a generated navigation mesh. (Spies and Snipers may work, though.)
  • Bots that have their Melee weapons out will occasionally not switch to their other weapons, even if they pick up ammo.
    • This can be fixed by either killing them or just randomly.
  • After the Jungle Inferno Update, bots spawned with specific parameters (example:tf_bot_add 5 pyro blue normal) will die in their spawnrooms. This can be prevented with the command: tf_bot_reevaluate_class_in_spawnroom 0, which requires setting sv_cheats to 1.

AI bot names

The AI bots are programmed to have different names, with many of their names being references to Team Fortress 2, Valve's other works, and computer programming. Many of these names have been requested on the Steam forums.

Unused bot names

The following bot names were found in a leaked source code version of TF2, containing bot names that were never put into production for unknown reasons.

  • John Spartan
  • Leeloo Dallas Multipass
  • Sho'nuff
  • Bruce Leroy
  • Big Gulp, Huh?
  • Stupid Hot Dog
  • I'm your huckleberry
  • The Crocketeer

AI bots names can also be customized by a player by typing in, for example, tf_bot_add heavyweapons blue "Blu Hoovy"; this example would put a BLU Heavy on the BLU team with the name "Blu Hoovy".

Third-Party Bots

As of now, there is only one other bot that is still being developed for TF2: RCBot2. The bot was created and is being maintained by Cheeseh, and the website can be found here.

Players can also try [APG] Foundation's builds which are updated and enhanced to work on those TF2 latest updates that would corrupt the bots. However, it will take some work and finding the new Hookinfo for the bots to function. Be sure to use Hookinfo tool and adjust the config.ini offset values, using this (Latest update is v1.4-APG since 19th June 2021). Fortunately, NoSoop had removed some dependencies for the Hookinfo.ini for RCBot2 to load the offset values.

The bots run on a waypoint system and must be manually setup by a player instead of typing a command. RCBot2 are their own separate bot, so they can be used alongside the regular TFBots if one so chooses.

RCBot2 Features

  • Soldier bots can rocket jump and Demoman bots can sticky jump (provided that the map has waypoints for them).
  • Engineer bots now work properly on CTF and other maps.
  • Bots can use custom loadouts such as The Huntsman and Bonk! Atomic Punch.
  • Bots can "spycheck". If a Spy is disguised as one of the bots, and the bot who they are disguised as sees them, the bot will attack on sight.
  • Bots can use voice commands properly. Text will appear in the chat, unlike TFBots.
  • Bots can be on the defending team in Mann VS Machine, but are unable to purchase upgrades.
  • If playing on a CP map, the bots will "mess around" until the round starts. They will randomly hit players with their Melee weapon and spam voice commands, similar to many human players.
  • Engineers can move their buildings after a set amount of time.
  • Bots have profiles that can customize certain aspects of the bot, such as aiming skill, courage, etc.
  • Engineer bots can help out friendly Engineers by upgrading friendly Sentry Guns (if they are finished upgrading their own first) and removing any Sappers on them.
  • If bots are targeted by a sentry and escape, they will use the voice command "Sentry Ahead" similar to human players.
  • Engineer bots will upgrade their Teleporter and put them where Teleporter waypoints are.
  • Enemy Medics will sometimes heal disguised enemy Spies.
  • If a Spy bot is approaching an enemy, and said enemy turns around, the Spy bot will move away until the enemy turns back.
  • Scouts can double jump, but require waypoints for them similar to Soldiers and Demomen.
  • Scouts can intelligently use the Bonk! Atomic Punch, retreating, using the drink, and pushing forward.
  • Medics will now heal any class if their health is low, although Heavies and Soldiers are still prioritized.
  • Bots will no longer instantly attack a Spy who has backstabbed another player. The bot must have seen the Spy in its line of sight or see the Spy being attacked.
  • Bots will use the voice command, "Thanks!" after being healed by an Engineer's Dispenser or by a Medic.
  • Bots will periodically check for Spies by turning around.
  • RCBot2 have a "Belief" system, that dictates whether or not they think a player or bot is a Spy, and if they will either attack or stare at them to prevent a backstab.
  • RCBot2 can work better on complex maps like Mario Kart, Payload maps, plus Stock Halloween maps like plr_hightower_event, sd_doomsday_event as well as the original sd_doomsday map, whereas TFBots tend not to work.

RCBot2 Bugs

  • Due to the nature of the waypointing system, bot paths aren't as unpredictable as TFBots, and RCbot2 will often times end up running into another bot, leaving both of them stuck until either bot is killed.
    • Similarly, Spy bots may end up bumping into a player and not moving, due to how waypointing works. They can only navigate to the set point and are on a fixed track.
  • Engineer bots have a harder time placing down a Dispenser, and will do so of their own free will.
  • Demoman bots know if you are standing on one of their stickybomb traps, and will detonate them even if they can't see you.
  • Engineers might place their Sentry Gun facing the wrong direction.
  • If RCbot2 get knocked off to a location where there are no nearby waypoints, they will not move. The roof area of Nucleus is one example.
  • Bots will also say "Thanks!" when picking up a health kit.
  • Bots tend to lose move speed after swimming.
  • Bots can't predict the target's moves when shooting projectiles.
  • Medics don't stick close for long with their healing player patient, especially when UberCharged.
  • Spies don't perform aggressively or immediately use Sapper to destroy enemy Engineer Sentry Guns and Dispensers.
  • Some SourceMod plugins can conflict with RCBot2 like smac_cvars.smx, but [APG]RoboCop[CL] has added the 'sm plugins unload <PLUGIN-NAME>' inside the config.ini to avoid those conflicting issues.
  • Bots ignore TF2 Bosses like Monoculus and Skeletons etc, as they cannot seem to detect and target them.
  • Player Destruction (pd_) maps aren't fully compatible yet.

Be sure to report any bugs to RCBot Website or Bots-United Discord, as Team Fortress Wiki and Valve Corporation hold no responsibility nor are affiliated with RCBot2.

Puppet bots

Puppet bots have no AI code and cannot move or act on their own. These bots can be used like puppets though: players can manipulate them to follow the player's commands such as following the player around and firing their weapons. Puppet bots are mainly used for testing purposes and can also create stunning visuals if manipulated accordingly, as seen here.

Puppet bot commands

Not all of the following commands work; some working commands are also omitted.

These commands may or may not work for AI bots as well.

Note: entering the command without any values will display the command's current setting and a brief description.

Command Description
bot This command will create a bot on the given team with the specified class and name. If team or name is omitted, they will be assigned randomly.
bot [<teamname/number>] [<classname>] [<name>] [<number>]
Amount of bots to add.
Specifies the team name or number to assign the bot. Where name/number can be RED or 1, BLU or 0
The classname of the class can be Demoman, Engineer, Heavy, Medic, Pyro, Scout, Soldier, Sniper, or Spy
Teleports the spawned bot to where your cursor is aiming.
Prevents the spawned bot from losing health.
name can be anything. If there is already someone with the same name, an incremental number (starting at 1) surrounded with parenthesis will be added to the beginning of the name. For example, joe, (1)joe, (2)joe, etc. If no name is given then the name will be "bot" followed by a number starting with 01; for example, the first bot will be Bot01, the next Bot02, and so on.
bot -team red -class Engineer -name joe
bot_changeclass Force all bots to change to the specified class.
bot_changeclass <name> <classname>
Name of the target bot.
The classname of the class the bot will switch to. Default is "" (aka blank).
bot_changeclass bot01 Soldier

Make all bots change teams. This forces all the bots to switch teams. If a bot was on the RED team then it will now be on the BLU team and vice versa.

bot_command Sends specified command on behalf of specified bot.
bot_command <name/all> <console command>
Name or id of the bot to send the command to. Setting this to 'all' will send the command to all the bots.
<console command>
Can be any of the ones listed in console commands, as well as some of the cheats.
Example 1
bot_command bot01 "voicemenu 0 0"
Example 2
bot_command bot01 "taunt"
The slot commands (slot1, slot2, etc.) do not work with bot_command, however with bot_forcefireweapon, all bots in that class can be made to switch to a weapon and start firing, then made to stop. Only the entire group of bots in that class can be made to do so, however.
bot_dontmove Bots are allowed or prevented from moving. When set to 1 the bots cannot move but they can still turn and jump. Note with a combination of this command and bot_mimic bots can be moved to certain areas and left there.
bot_dontmove <integer>
Bots will be allowed to move when set to 1. Default is 0 (disabled).
bot_dontmove 1
bot_forceattack This will make all the bots automatically fire whatever weapon they currently have selected. If bot_forceattack2 is set to 0, then the bots will execute primary_fire. If bot_forceattack2 is set to 1, then the bots will execute secondary_fire.

Note this does nothing if bot_mimic is active (set to 1).

bot_forceattack <integer>
When set to 1, all bots fire their guns. Default is 0 (disabled).
bot_forceattack 1
bot_forceattack2 This will make all the bots execute secondary_fire on whatever weapon they currently have selected when bot_forceattack is set to 1.
bot_forceattack2 <integer>
Bot will use its weapon's secondary_fire when set to 1, primary_fire when set to 0
bot_forceattack2 1
bot_forceattack_down When firing, don't tap fire, hold it down. If this is set to 0 then the bot will act like they are continuously tapping the fire button (useful for the Stickybomb Launcher). If this is set to 1 then the bot will act as if it is holding down the fire button (useful for the Minigun).
bot_forceattack_down <0/1>
Either 1 or 0. Default is 0 (disabled).
bot_forceattack_down 1
bot_forcefireweapon Forces all bots who have the specified weapon to switch to and fire it.

If a bot does not have this weapon, nothing happens to it (unless it is firing a different weapon, in which it stops)

bot_forcefireweapon <weapon filename>
filename is usually tf_weapon_ <weapon name>.
bot_forcefireweapon tf_weapon_fists makes all Heavy bots switch to and repeatedly attack with their Fists, and all other bots stop attacking.
bot_forcefireweapon tf_weapon_shotgun_pyro makes all Pyro bots switch to and repeatedly fire their Shotguns, and all other bots stop attacking.
To make all bots stop attacking, simply specify a non-existent weapon filename. Anything without tf_weapon in it isn't a TF2 weapon, so the bots won't shoot it, for example bot_forcefireweapon ,,.
bot_jump Force all bots to repeatedly jump.
bot_jump <integer>
All bots will repeatedly jump when set to 1. Default is 0 (disabled).
bot_jump 1
bot_crouch Force all bots to hold crouch.
bot_crouch <integer>
All bots will hold crouch when set to 1. Default is 0 (disabled).
bot_crouch 1
bot_kick Remove a bot by name, or an entire team, or all bots.
bot_kick <name/team>
Makes the specified bot commit suicide.
bot_kick bot01 will kick the bot named "bot01" if it exists.
bot_kick red will kick all the bots on the red team.
bot_kick blue will kick all the bots on the blu team.
bot_kick all will kick all the bots in the server.
bot_kill Kills a bot.
bot_kill <name>
Makes the specified bot commit suicide.
bot_kill bot01
bot_mirror Specified bots mirror the player's loadout (class, cosmetics, and weapons). There are a few bugs; for example, if a Demoman player has the Booties and any shield equipped, a mirrored bot will still use the Grenade Launcher and Stickybomb Launcher despite showing the Booties and shield on his model. After a mirrored bot dies, it will not retain the previous loadout, and bot_mirror must be used again.
bot_mirror <name>
Where name is the name of the bot to mirror.
bot_mirror bot01
bot_mimic Bot uses usercmd of player by index.

The bot will execute all keystrokes issued by a player, mimicking movements, turns, jumps, fire, etc. It should be noted that bots will not mimic Medic calls, weapon switches, or taunts.

Note this overrides bot_forceattack but does not override bot_dontmove.

bot_mimic <integer>
Either 1 or 0. Default is 0 (disabled).
bot_mimic 1

Inverts the movement of the bots; moving left makes the bots move right, moving forwards makes the bots move backwards, etc.

The direction which the bot is looking is not affected.

bot_mimic_inverse <integer>
Either 1 or 0. Default is 0 (disabled).
bot_mimic_inverse 1

Offsets the bots' yaw. The bots will face in a direction this angle from the player. By default this is set to 180 so that all bots will face the player. Setting this to 0 will face the bots in the same direction as the player.

bot_mimic_yaw_offset <0-360>
Set the direction by specifying angle in degrees
bot_mimic_yaw_offset 180
bot_randomnames <0>
Either 1 or 0. Default is 0 (disabled).
bot_randomnames 1
bot_refill Refills all bots' ammo (including metal for Engineers) and health counts.
bot_saveme This makes all the bots call for a Medic, equivalent to issuing bot_command <name> "voicemenu 0 0" to every bot.
bot_saveme <integer>
All the bots will call for a Medic when set to 1. Default is 0 (disabled).
bot_selectweaponslot Forces a bot to switch to the specified weapon slot. To specify which bot switches weapons, use cc_bot_selectweapon instead.
bot_selectweaponslot <n>
Set n to weapon slot that bots should switch to.
0 = primary; 1 = secondary; 2 = melee; 3 = special
bot_selectweaponslot 2
bot_teleport Teleports a specified bot to a given coordinate.

Map coordinates of where you are standing can be found by typing Status in the console.

bot_teleport <name> <X> <Y> <Z> <Pitch> <Yaw> <Roll>
Where name is the name of the bot or id to teleport.
Name of the bot to teleport.
<X> <Y> <Z>
Coordinates of the map the bot will be teleported to.
<Pitch> <Yaw> <Roll>
The direction the bot should face.
bot_teleport bot01 -4815 1385 -447 0 0 0
bot_whack Delivers lethal damage from player to specified bot. This basically kills the bot with the currently selected weapon, probably used for testing during development. It is worth noting that you can only use bot_whack to kill a teammate if mp_friendlyfire is set to 1, otherwise attempting to whack a teammate will not do anything.
bot_whack <name>
Name of the bot to "whack".
bot_whack bot01
cc_bot_selectweapon Forces a bot to switch to the specified weapon slot.
cc_bot_selectweapon <name> <n>
Set n to weapon slot that bots should switch to.
0 = primary; 1 = secondary; 2 = melee; 3 = special
Name of the bot that will switch weapon slot.
cc_bot_selectweapon bot12 2
bot_hurt This command will create a bot on the given team with the specified class and name. If team or name is omitted, they will be assigned randomly.
bot_hurt [<name>] [<team>] [<damage>]
Name of the bot to hurt.
Specifies the team name of the bot to hurt. Can be RED, BLU or all.
Specifies the amount of damage the bot will receive. If a negative number is set, it will heal (and overheal) the bot instead.
Set the bot on fire. However, the bot will not receive any afterburn damage.
bot_hurt -name joe -team red -damage 150


  • Bots can also be controlled with debug commands (e.g. nb_select and nb_warp_selected_here to teleport bots to a specific location), regardless of the bot type.