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Things to do, as well things to re-do.

Blurry Images

Due to a previously unknown problem with HLMV, majority of my images uploaded from "21:13, November 16, 2018" to "17:08, December 20, 2021" have blur issues. This issue went undetected until I started noticing some oddities with some images, certain images have bigger blur issues than other ones, most likely due to the camera positioning. The issue has been documented on Help:HLMV page, as well with an explanation on how to fix it.

A 3 year span of image uploads may sound a lot, but when I started noticing the blur issue, I halted most of my image creation (as well that I was busy with other things and not really working on images). The good news is that, all these years that has passed, I have sharpened my HLMV skills by a lot, discovering new ways to make poses and such, so more unique images and poses may be done, but I'll try using the same poses as used before.

I'll be replacing the affected images, I'm very sorry for the incovenience. Again, this was not something really documented and something that was hard to notice as well.

Item icons will not be re-made as majority (if not all of them), were made with the HLMV window open on a 1366x768 monitor, since they were already small icons anyway, there was no point in making them in the bigger screen. It's very unlikely that these were affected by the blurry issue, and even if they were, they are already quite small on articles that use them, while also having no way to view it in full-size for new readers (requires searching on the Wiki), as well being rarely used outside the Wiki, not to mention that there would be too many to be re-made.

Other types of images like textures, or simple crops from existing images, does not require any fixing.

Q&A that consists of a single question:

Q: Why don't you focus on making images for newly added cosmetics and/or upload images that are missing?

A: I want other Wiki users to contribute to the new cosmetics, weapons, taunts, or whatever. Very few people on the image department works in improving old images, and usually only focus on newly added items, which is fine and dandy, no problem at all. I have done a lot on the Wiki ever since I joined, and I don't want to work on areas that other users can have their time to shine, and may even get their Cap someday. I do sometimes feel like doing images from newly added items, but most of the time, I keep those for others to contribute.

Shugo Style Icons (Missing Icons)

Shugo Style Icons (Icons that require to be remade)

Helpful Table

Item name Modification needed Model path
Fortified Compound None models\workshop_partner\weapons\c_models\c_bow_thief\c_bow_thief.mdl
Reindoonicorn Removal of jigglebones, so it stands still models\player\items\all_class\pet_reinballoonicorn.mdl
Accursed Apparition Removal of jigglebones, so it stands still models\workshop\player\items\all_class\hw2013_wandering_soul\hw2013_wandering_soul_scout.mdl
Beacon from Beyond Removal of jigglebones, so it stands still models\workshop\player\items\all_class\hw2013_the_enlightening_lantern\hw2013_the_enlightening_lantern_scout.mdl
Guano Removal of jigglebones, so it stands still models\workshop\player\items\all_class\hw2013_the_fire_bat_v2\hw2013_the_fire_bat_v2_scout.mdl
Quoth Removal of jigglebones, so it stands still models\workshop\player\items\all_class\hw2013_the_caws_of_death\hw2013_the_caws_of_death_scout.mdl
Sackcloth Spook Removal of jigglebones, so it stands still models\workshop\player\items\all_class\hw2013_burlap_buddy\hw2013_burlap_buddy_scout.mdl
Unidentified Following Object Removal of jigglebones, so it stands still models\workshop\player\items\all_class\hw2013_intergalactic_intruder\hw2013_intergalactic_intruder_scout.mdl
Ghost of Spies Checked Past Removal of jigglebones, so it stands still models\workshop\player\items\all_class\sf14_ghost_of_spies_checked_past\sf14_ghost_of_spies_checked_past_scout.mdl
Hooded Haunter Removal of jigglebones, so it stands still models\workshop\player\items\all_class\sf14_hooded_haunter_classes\sf14_hooded_haunter_classes_scout.mdl
Li'l Dutchman Removal of jigglebones, so it stands still models\workshop\player\items\all_class\sf14_cursed_cruise\sf14_cursed_cruise_scout.mdl
Space Hamster Hammy Removal of jigglebones, so it stands still models\workshop\player\items\pyro\invasion_space_hamster_hammy\invasion_space_hamster_hammy.mdl
[[]] .mdl
[[]] .mdl
[[]] .mdl
[[]] .mdl
[[]] .mdl
[[]] .mdl
[[]] .mdl
[[]] .mdl
[[]] .mdl
[[]] .mdl
[[]] .mdl
[[]] .mdl
[[]] .mdl
[[]] .mdl
[[]] .mdl
[[]] .mdl

Helpful table to allow quick Item icon uploads

Item Item icon name Item icon
Fortified Compound File:Item icon Fortified Compound.png Item icon Fortified Compound.png
Reindoonicorn File:Item icon Reindoonicorn.png Item icon Reindoonicorn.png
Accursed Apparition File:Item icon Accursed Apparition.png Item icon Accursed Apparition.png
Beacon from Beyond File:Item icon Beacon from Beyond.png Item icon Beacon from Beyond.png
Guano File:Item icon Guano.png Item icon Guano.png
Quoth File:Item icon Quoth.png Item icon Quoth.png
Sackcloth Spook File:Item icon Sackcloth Spook.png Item icon Sackcloth Spook.png
Unidentified Following Object File:Item icon Unidentified Following Object.png Item icon Unidentified Following Object.png
Ghost of Spies Checked Past File:Item icon Ghost of Spies Checked Past.png Item icon Ghost of Spies Checked Past.png
Hooded Haunter File:Item icon Hooded Haunter.png Item icon Hooded Haunter.png
Li'l Dutchman File:Item icon Li'l Dutchman.png Item icon Li'l Dutchman.png
Space Hamster Hammy File:Item icon Space Hamster Hammy.png Item icon Space Hamster Hammy.png
Gift of Giving File:Item icon Gift of Giving.png Item icon Gift of Giving.png
PASS Time Early Participation Pin File:Item icon PASS Time Early Participation Pin.png Item icon PASS Time Early Participation Pin.png
Jaunty Camper File:Item icon Jaunty Camper.png Item icon Jaunty Camper.png
Jaunty Benefactor File:Item icon Jaunty Benefactor.png Item icon Jaunty Benefactor.png
Jaunty Trailblazer File:Item icon Jaunty Trailblazer.png Item icon Jaunty Trailblazer.png
Gift of Giving 2016 File:Item icon Gift of Giving 2016.png Item icon Gift of Giving 2016.png
Mappers vs. Machines Participant Medal 2017 File:Item icon Mappers vs. Machines Participant Medal 2017.png Item icon Mappers vs. Machines Participant Medal 2017.png
Philanthropist's Indulgence File:Item icon Philanthropist's Indulgence.png Item icon Philanthropist's Indulgence.png
Jaunty Pin 2015 File:Item icon Jaunty Pin 2015.png Item icon Jaunty Pin 2015.png
Jaunty Explorer File:Item icon Jaunty Explorer.png Item icon Jaunty Explorer.png
Jaunty Ranger File:Item icon Jaunty Ranger.png Item icon Jaunty Ranger.png
Jaunty Mountaineer File:Item icon Jaunty Mountaineer.png Item icon Jaunty Mountaineer.png
Memes vs. Machines Baked Potato 2019 File:Item icon Memes vs. Machines Baked Potato 2019.png Item icon Starched Silliness Potato Lookalike 2021.png
Memes vs. Machines PotatOS Server 2019 File:Item icon Memes vs. Machines PotatOS Server 2019.png Item icon Starched Silliness Super Spud 2021.png
Dr's Dapper Topper File:Item icon Dr's Dapper Topper.png Item icon Dr's Dapper Topper.png
Kanga Kickers File:Item icon Kanga Kickers.png Item icon Kanga Kickers.png
Momma Kiev File:Item icon Momma Kiev.png Item icon Momma Kiev.png
Bird's Eye Viewer File:Item icon Bird's Eye Viewer.png Item icon Bird's Eye Viewer.png
Crabe de Chapeau File:Item icon Crabe de Chapeau.png Item icon Crabe de Chapeau.png
Ghoul Box File:Item icon Ghoul Box.png Item icon Ghoul Box.png
Boom Boxers File:Item icon Boom Boxers.png Item icon Boom Boxers.png
A Handsome Handy Thing File:Item icon A Handsome Handy Thing.png Item icon A Handsome Handy Thing.png
All Hallows' Hatte File:Item icon All Hallows' Hatte.png Item icon All Hallows' Hatte.png
Balloonicorpse File:Item icon Balloonicorpse.png Item icon Balloonicorpse.png
Eye-see-you File:Item icon Eye-see-you.png Item icon Eye-See-You.png
Handsome Devil File:Item icon Handsome Devil.png Item icon Handsome Devil.png
Hollowed Helm File:Item icon Hollowed Helm.png Item icon Hollowed Helm.png
Misfortune Fedora File:Item icon Misfortune Fedora.png Item icon Misfortune Fedora.png
Sir Pumpkinton File:Item icon Sir Pumpkinton.png Item icon Sir Pumpkinton.png
Wrap-A-Khamon File:Item icon Wrap-A-Khamon.png Item icon Wrap-A-Khamon.png
Round-A-Bout File:Item icon Round-A-Bout.png Item icon Round-A-Bout.png
Helm Helm File:Item icon Helm Helm.png Item icon Helm Helm.png
Bear Walker File:Item icon Bear Walker.png Item icon Bear Walker.png
BedBug Protection File:Item icon BedBug Protection.png Item icon BedBug Protection.png
SandMann's Brush File:Item icon SandMann's Brush.png Item icon SandMann's Brush.png
Blitzen Bowl File:Item icon Blitzen Bowl.png Item icon Blitzen Bowl.png
Elf Care Provider File:Item icon Elf Care Provider.png Item icon Elf Care Provider.png
Night Ward File:Item icon Night Ward.png Item icon Night Ward.png
Killing Tree File:Item icon Killing Tree.png Item icon Killing Tree.png
Candy Cantlers File:Item icon Candy Cantlers.png Item icon Candy Cantlers.png
Festive Fascinator File:Item icon Festive Fascinator.png Item icon Festive Fascinator.png
Festive Flip-Thwomps File:Item icon Festive Flip-Thwomps.png Item icon Festive Flip-Thwomps.png
Jolly Jingler File:Item icon Jolly Jingler.png Item icon Jolly Jingler.png
Particulate Protector File:Item icon Particulate Protector.png Item icon Particulate Protector.png
Professional's Pom Pom File:Item icon Professional's Pom Pom.png Item icon Professional's Pom-Pom.png
Reindoonibeanie File:Item icon Reindoonibeanie.png Item icon Reindoonibeanie.png
Shoestring Santa File:Item icon Shoestring Santa.png Item icon Shoestring Santa.png
Smissmas Sorcerer File:Item icon Smissmas Sorcerer.png Item icon Smissmass Sorcerer.png
Towering Pillar of Beanies File:Item icon Towering Pillar of Beanies.png Item icon Towering Pillar of Beanies.png
Towering Pile Of Presents File:Item icon Towering Pile Of Presents.png Item icon Towering Pile of Presents.png
Ballooniphones File:Item icon Ballooniphones.png Item icon Ballooniphones.png
Crustaceous Cowl File:Item icon Crustaceous Cowl.png Item icon Crustaceous Cowl.png
Fast Food File:Item icon Fast Food.png Item icon Fast Food.png
Panisher File:Item icon Panisher.png Item icon Panisher.png
Sightliner File:Item icon Sightliner.png Item icon Sightliner.png
Water Waders File:Item icon Water Waders.png Item icon Water Waders.png
Meal Dealer File:Item icon Meal Dealer.png Item icon Meal Dealer.png
Crocodile Dandy File:Item icon Crocodile Dandy.png Item icon Crocodile Dandy.png
Snack Stack File:Item icon Snack Stack.png Item icon Snack Stack.png
Thousand-Yard Stare File:Item icon Thousand-Yard Stare.png Item icon Thousand-Yard Stare.png
Hook, Line, and Cinder File:Item icon Hook, Line, and Cinder.png Item icon Hook, Line, and Cinder.png
Two Punch Mann File:Item icon Two Punch Mann.png Item icon Two Punch Mann.png
Reel Fly Hat File:Item icon Reel Fly Hat.png Item icon Reel Fly Hat.png
Fried Batter File:Item icon Fried Batter.png Item icon Fried Batter.png
Wild Brim Slouch File:Item icon Wild Brim Slouch.png Item icon Wild Brim Slouch.png
Brim of Fire File:Item icon Brim of Fire.png Item icon Brim of Fire.png
Roaming Roman File:Item icon Roaming Roman.png Item icon Roaming Roman.png
Towering Patch of Pumpkins File:Item icon Towering Patch of Pumpkins.png Item icon Towering Patch of Pumpkins.png
Wandering Wraith File:Item icon Wandering Wraith.png Item icon Wandering Wraith.png
Bone Cone File:Item icon Bone Cone.png Item icon Bone Cone.png
Gruesome Gourd File:Item icon Gruesome Gourd.png Item icon Gruesome Gourd.png
Optic Nerve File:Item icon Optic Nerve.png Item icon Optic Nerve.png
Second-Head Headwear File:Item icon Second-Head Headwear.png Item icon Second-Head Headwear.png
Alakablamicon File:Item icon Alakablamicon.png Item icon Alakablamicon.png
Goalkeeper File:Item icon Goalkeeper.png Item icon Goalkeeper.png
Eyequarium File:Item icon Eyequarium.png Item icon Eyequarium.png
Hook, Line, and Thinker File:Item icon Hook, Line, and Thinker.png Item icon Hook, Line, and Thinker.png
Smiling Somen File:Item icon Smiling Somen.png Item icon Smiling Somen.png
Twisted Topper File:Item icon Twisted Topper.png Item icon Twisted Topper.png
Beanie The All-Gnawing File:Item icon Beanie The All-Gnawing.png Item icon Beanie The All-Gnawing.png
Creepy Crawlers File:Item icon Creepy Crawlers.png Item icon Creepy Crawlers.png
Trickster's Treats File:Item icon Trickster's Treats.png Item icon Trickster's Treats.png
Scariest Mask EVER File:Item icon Scariest Mask EVER.png Item icon Scariest Mask EVER.png
Hat Outta Hell File:Item icon Hat Outta Hell.png Item icon Hat Outta Hell.png
Death Stare File:Item icon Death Stare.png Item icon Death Stare.png
Spooky Head-Bouncers File:Item icon Spooky Head-Bouncers.png Item icon Spooky Head-Bouncers.png
Batter's Beak File:Item icon Batter's Beak.png Item icon Batter's Beak.png
Corpse Carrier File:Item icon Corpse Carrier.png Item icon Corpse Carrier.png
Poopy Doe File:Item icon Poopy Doe.png Item icon Poopy Doe.png
War Dog File:Item icon War Dog.png Item icon War Dog.png
Miami Rooster File:Item icon Miami Rooster.png Item icon Miami Rooster.png
Computron 5000 File:Item icon Computron 5000.png Item icon Computron 5000.png
Brain Cane File:Item icon Brain Cane.png Item icon Brain Cane.png
Cozy Catchers File:Item icon Cozy Catchers.png Item icon Cozy Catchers.png
Elf Defense File:Item icon Elf Defense.png Item icon Elf Defense.png
El Fiestibrero File:Item icon El Fiestibrero.png Item icon El Fiestibrero.png
Festive Frames File:Item icon Festive Frames.png Item icon Festive Frames.png
Festive Cover-Up File:Item icon Festive Cover-Up.png Item icon Festive Cover-Up.png
Giftcrafter File:Item icon Giftcrafter.png Item icon Giftcrafter.png
Gnome Dome File:Item icon Gnome Dome.png Item icon Gnome Dome.png
Mooshanka File:Item icon Mooshanka.png Item icon Mooshanka.png
Ominous Offering File:Item icon Ominous Offering.png Item icon Ominous Offering.png
Elf-Made Bandanna File:Item icon Elf-Made Bandanna.png Item icon Elf-Made Bandanna.png
Elf Ignition File:Item icon Elf Ignition.png Item icon Elf Ignition.png
Seasonal Spring File:Item icon Seasonal Spring.png Item icon Seasonal Spring.png
Train Of Thought File:Item icon Train Of Thought.png Item icon Train Of Thought.png
Hat Chocolate File:Item icon Hat Chocolate.png Item icon Hat Chocolate.png
Reindoonihorns File:Item icon Reindoonihorns.png Item icon Reindoonihorns.png
Seasonal Employee File:Item icon Seasonal Employee.png Item icon Seasonal Employee.png
Jolly Jester File:Item icon Jolly Jester.png Item icon Jolly Jester.png
Merry Cone File:Item icon Merry Cone.png Item icon Merry Cone.png
Oh Deer! File:Item icon Oh Deer!.png Item icon Oh Deer!.png
Crazy Legs File:Item icon Crazy Legs.png Item icon Crazy Legs.png

Tournament Medal later. Gotta get all of 'em first.