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Here's the problem: you want to convince people this Halloween that you are an ACTUAL SKELETON, but you don't have the money for a fancy costume or tissue-removal surgery. This mask won't help you achieve your goal, but at least it fits your budget by costing under a dime.
Scariest Mask EVER publicity blurb

The Scariest Mask EVER is a community-created cosmetic item for all classes. It is a notebook sheet with a crudely drawn skull scribbled on it that is worn as a face mask. When worn by the Demoman, an X is drawn on the skull's left eye socket.

This item has two styles, named "No Hat" and "Hat". The "No Hat" style removes the default hat of the classes that have one, while the "Hat" style keeps it.

The Scariest Mask EVER was contributed to the Steam Workshop.


Main article: Styles
Scariest Mask EVER No Hat.png
Scariest Mask EVER Hat.png
No Hat Hat

Update history

October 5, 2021 Patch (Scream Fortress 2021)

  • The Scariest Mask EVER was added to the game.

October 14, 2021 Patch

  • Updated The Scariest Mask EVER with Hat/NoHat styles to prevent some clipping issues.

December 17, 2021 Patch

  • Updated schema drop_type for the Scariest Mask EVER.