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Pocket Heavy
Basic information
(Type ): Plush
Gender: Male
Health: 30, 100 If In A Bag
Speed: 0%
Birth place: Somewhere In Russia.
Native language: Russian(Romanian)
Age: 10 Years Since Manufactued
Team Fortress 2
Favourite classes: Play all of them but most of the time Soldier
Favourite weapons: Conscientious Objector
Favourite hats: Lumbricus Lid
Favourite miscellaneous items: Apparition's Aspect
Contact information
Steam page:
Master Of The Wiki!!!!
gdfsgdfg failing at his wiki editing

== Welcome To The Cave. ==

About myself

Nothin to write here :D i just want that wiki cap :( sparkly effect ftw

Member since: November, 6, 2010

Will do laundry for wiki cap :l Will fix your plumbing problems for a wiki cap. Will wash the dishes for a wiki cap. Will deliver pizza for a wiki cap.

Oh and also forgot to mention I fail at editing the wiki, and suck at translating. But hey if I get the cap I will throw in a party.