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General Twinkletoes
Basic information
Icon: Killicon hadouken.png
(Type ): Soldier of Fortune
Gender: Mann
Health: 175
Speed: Fast
Birth place: America, lived in Australia all my life.
Native language: English
Team Fortress 2
Favourite classes: Pyro
Favourite maps: ctf_doublecross/most KOTH maps.
Favourite weapons: Degreaser/Powerjack
Favourite hats: Attendant
Contact information
Steam page: [1]

Why hello there!

Hi! I'm General Twinkletoes, newcomer to the wiki and tf2 crazy. If i make any editing mistakes just let me know. Apart from a bit gap of about 8 months in 2010, it's been my most played and most enjoyed game since 2008. Since I've been using the wiki for so long, I decided to help with it. I have been learning french since i was 4, so my goal in particular is to finish of the french translation, because a few of my french friends have complained about the wiki being incomplete.

I got tf2 for my birthday about 3 months before the medic update, and have loved it since the beginning. It took me a long time to get even remotely good however, and I still have my bad days. My favorite classes are the pyro and spy.

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To do list:

In tf2: Master the spy and pyro (pretty much there with spy, got a great round with a 5/1 kdr and 80 points ahead of the other guy) In the wiki: Become part of the higher ranking wiki editors Get a wiki cap :D Finish french translation and fix up the rusty grammar that I've already seen many times, after being a member of the wiki for 2 hours :/