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About me

I first installed TF2 and Steam in December 2007 as a Christmas present to myself and my wife (Portal for her).

Initially as it was the orange box id bought it for Half life 2 however TF2 caught my eye and i was soon pretty hooked.

In Jan 2008 i found the old wiki and started contributing by March 2008 i was an admin as my contributions were seen as good and worthy.

I joined a clan (im still wtih them with a view to some competetive play which i enjoy i also enjoy normal play on good public servers, you should look me up as i try to play with fun but good players on my whittled dwon friends list.

I continued contributing and in November 2009 was given a community weapon (thank you valve). at this point the wiki was more of a pain to look after as it was full of adverts i could not block (for various reasons) so i drifted away occasionally popping in for old times sake.

Then the wiki moved and out of curiosity i came to have a look, i liked it a lot but a lot of the articles had drifted away and were in need of tlc. So im back to helping out and getting the wiki back in Sparkly condition.

Nickname: MandL or Old Sparkly-

Steam Account Name: markandlynn

Steam TF2 profile:

Favourite Classes:Soldier, Heavy

Best classes:Heavy, Soldier

Favourite thing My community rocket launcher which reminds me in the most sparkly way of why i help out on here.

Usual Servers: NuB, WDG, and No Bull or PUG servers or pwng noobs on the saigns servers.

Clan Clan:Necrotic United Brothers NuB.

DO other clans love me ?

Well CruelCow at WDG made me this special signature:


Backpack Rocket Launcher.png

Community Rocket Launcher
Level 50 Rocket Launcher
Given to valuable Community Contributors

Editing The Wiki

Just a short section for those new to the wiki.

This wiki is a resource for the entire community to give you an insight into how to play the game better and understand whats going on. Its also a great repository of facts, figures and some interesting background stories. If you are new and have come here full of curiosity about getting a new hat welcome, we welcome you all because the mods here need help in keeping this site up to date just like any other wiki it needs volunteers. Having said that Vavle double my pay please :)

tips for you

If you leave a comment sign it with four tildes or use the signature button at the top of the edit box.

If editing an article provide a summary of what you have changed (keep it short) so we can see at a glance what been changed. You can type this summary in the small box just above the big submit button.

While we are talking about the buttons beneath that summary bar there is another one called preview, allthough the hat guidelines state 400 edits it means 400 meaningfull edits, it will be far more appreciated if you make one largish edit rather than 10 small ones to the same article.

Spell check what you wrote when its in the preview mode.

Read what you have written out loud (or in your head) to make sure that it makes sense for the next person to read it remember it will not be you.

If your adding trivia please read the guidelines.

Always think twice, read twice, submit once, try to add value or something interesting to TF2 players.

Try to go back and look at your old edits, have they been changed ? have they been undone ? if yes then try to work out why and improve your next contribution accordingly. If in doubt ask an admin none of us mind being asked about anything (honest).

All the best markd


This user watches the following pages for spurious edits, language and all round readability. Use the PREVIEW button folks !



How to play the Soldier


Soldier match-ups

Soldier strategy


Other stuff

Tuesday Night Find me for a few frags,

See my personal guides for more on me and my playing dtyle.

I also have a pick up game guide, advanced soldier (for people wanting to move into competetive play and a team play section (see below for the links) feel free to have a read and edit them if you want to. See lower down for the links to these rather excellent articles !!!

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Pick Up Game Guide


Advanced Soldier tactics for 6vs6

User_talk:Markd/Advanced Soldier

Team play guide

User_talk:markd/Team play

Dustbowl strategy

Were doing some work on updating the strategy pages as some are very out of date and the layouts etc are not consistent. This page is a sandbox based on the dustbowl strategy page to enable us to try out a few ideas and see how they look in real life. User_talk:Markd/Dustbowl strategy