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All pages calling {{Backpack item}} using outdated parameters. The sort key indicates which outdated parameter is being used.

  1. neutral-attributes
  2. positive-attributes
  3. negative-attributes
  4. unusual-icon
  5. strange-secondary or att-strangerank-1

The first three should be replaced by using att-1-neutral, att-1-positive, att-1-negative, att-2-neutral, ...

The fourth should be replaced with unusual-effect, and the value should be the kind of effect. The att-1-neutral field should be removed.

The fifth should be separated into rankson (what the weapon ranks on) and killcount (number of kills -- blank means 0).

6. NOT using item-kind

Pages which fail this listed by language code, since it's dangerous to fix without knowing the language. These pages should be handled as follows:
Previously the template had item-level = Level 1-100 Hat. Now, it should have item-kind = Hat | item-level = 1-100.
Note that Item infobox uses level instead of item-level.

7. Users.

Userpages are listed in here, but separated out (since there are a *lot* of them).

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