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4547 days ago


  • Move achievement cores into dictionary system ({{dictionary/achievement}}) Pictogram tick.png Done
  • {{Availability}}
  • Investigate whitespace stripping on le templates
  • {{Item infobox}}
    • fix the Valve-made category being mandatory
    • fix taunts due to the introduction of action items
  • {{Achievement}} – replace with divs
  • {{Backpack icon}} – ancient relic - feexdis
  • Rewrite:
    • {{Hazard infobox}} – is poorly written, has old code & bad practices from older infoboxes
  • Revamp:
  • Scritpzzz:
    • Mega idea for cool thing – Pictogram wait.png In progress
  • Reports:
    • Report: all jpg / png file pages that are missing {{crush}} Pictogram tick.png Done
    • How-to blackhole pages (i.e. no auto lang cat): All pages (non-redir) → transclusions of {{auto lang cat}}, compare. Filter to remove pages without \/ (except diffs), apply common sense to remove other bad pages, then hit it doc.