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Tenacious Taco
Tenacious Taco
Basic information
Icon: Killicon righteous bison.png
Gender: Male
Birth place: Switzerland
Native language: French, English, Spanish
Age: 21
Team Fortress 2
Favourite classes: Leaderboard class spy.png(PvP) ; Leaderboard class engineer.png(MvM)
Favourite maps: Badwater Basin
Favourite weapons: Shotgun
Favourite hats: Old Guadalajara


500 edits Pictogram tick.png Done 18/09/2014
600 edits Pictogram tick.png Done 21/09/2014

My wiki stats here.

Other :

My Steam profile and my backpack for those interested.

If you have any questions regarding the TF Wiki or translation, you can add me to discuss about it.

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