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I promise I'm not dead.
— -Medik, lying

Preamble To The Meditution

Medik is crazy. He likes to put hearts after his name.

He was also really busy with things for a while. But he's back now.

Sexier than ever.

I kid. But it has been a while, and I bet a lot of rules have changed since I was here last. Please excuse me if I make stupid edits, I'm really sorry.

I did something good!

Wikichievement Awarded by Date Reason Link
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The Trivial Inquisition
Carefully moderate new trivia additions based on the value they add to the article.

Tturbo January 20, 2011 Le Medik arrive dans sa spécialité à combattre les mauvaises trivias (didn't felt like saying anecdotes) sur deux fronts, autant en anglais qu'en français. Avec son travail régulier et efficace il est à l'origine de plus de la moitié du Mur de la Honte et a surement bien participé à la version originale anglaise de cette page. Il s'est élevé en référence de l'exécution de trivia. En bon juge de l'Inquisition, il mérite reconnaissance! [[1]]


  • Crit-a-Cola is the first weapon to be released on The Medik's birthday.
    • In addition, the Ghastlier Gibus was made tradeable on The Medik's half-birthday. This may be why he is collecting them.
  • In Poker Night at The Inventory, it is revealed that The Medik is pretty awesome.
  • Tturbo once said that "Medik is the best". Whether or not this is true is obvious, as he is the best.
  • With the advent of the Mann-Conomy Update, it has been revealed that Medik is very good at stabbing Windy in the back.
  • Medik collects killcams of sparkly hats. He then stores the pictures under a rock.
  • Hats.
  • He recently spent 2 years stranded on an uncharted island fighting deadly wildlife for food and cash prize. Not university. That'd be boring

What is this, I don't even

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