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Yup, I've stolen this whole thingie from Smashman, except for some CSS.

2014 Update

Wow, lots of time passed. I'm pretty much inactive on here now, though when every now and then someone asks me to mentor them and help them work on the wiki, I still gladly comply. I also idle on #tfwiki sometimes. Anyways, here's my little Underyx page if anyone's looking for more info on me.


My favourite admin was, of course, Smashman, too bad he is not admin anymore :(

Shine has second place in this, but he still has a lot to learn to catch up with Smishy in terms of admin abuse.

Love playing Minecraft with Picard and Lagg. I also hate RJackson, for he burned down 2 days of our work. ಠ_ಠ

The one I admire most is WinderPower, with all his coding-magic awesomeness. I want to be like him one day ^.^

And lhavelund, fellow Redditor also amazes me, being a tireless wiki-worker.


<Underyx> The wiki channel
<Underyx> Is filled with off-topic stuff
<Underyx> Thanks to Underyx

<markd__> bad day
<Underyx> Mark has a bad day
<Underyx> I wonder why that could be
<Underyx> Maybe I should ask

* You are now known as Haikunderyx

<Haikunderyx> My favourite quote
<Haikunderyx> It is simply brilliant
<Haikunderyx> Now read it and laugh
<Haikunderyx> http://goo.gl/Ib6S

* Alex2539 (~Alex2539@modemcable087.89-178-173.mc.videotron.ca) has joined #tfwiki
<Haikunderyx> Hello there Alex,
<Haikunderyx> I speak in haikus now
<Haikunderyx> See, my name says so

<Haikunderyx> I am just ignored
<Haikunderyx> No matter how hard I try
<Haikunderyx> That makes me feel sad

<Haikunderyx> Yays for Portal 2
<Haikunderyx> I'm wearing a Portal shirt
<Haikunderyx> Got it from Gamescom

<Pilk> Underyx is odd,
<Pilk> Spouting haikus like a boss,
<Pilk> I hope he is done
<Haikunderyx> Don't even hope that
<Haikunderyx> I'm not even close to 'done'
<Haikunderyx> Haha naive Pilk
<Pilk> Unsmart as I am
<Pilk> I can't think of more Haikus
<Pilk> So I give up, mate!
<Pilk> Oh wait that was right
<Pilk> A haiku that worked perfect
<Pilk> Too bad grammar sucks
<Pilk> Underyx is mute
<Pilk> What has Pilk done? Broken him?
<Pilk> I should be asleep
<Haikunderyx> I am mute indeed
<Haikunderyx> You thought I would write more here?
<Haikunderyx> YOU WERE WRONG, haha
* You are now known as Underyx
<Underyx> This thing is hard
<Underyx> It seems I am fainting
<Underyx> Becoming less
<Pilk> Hahahahaha
<Pilk> Hehehehehehehe
<Pilk> Hohohohoho
<Underyx> That was good
<Underyx> But I'm suffering
<Underyx> No one cares
<Pilk> Oh
<Pilk> Sorry dude
<Pilk> Ok
<Underyx> Not good
<Underyx> As Heavy says
<Underyx> Very bad
<Underyx> Well
<Underyx> Good bye
<Underyx> ...bye
<Underyx> ...bye


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User disguises as scout.png This user disguises as a Scout.
Rainbows wish they could make him cry.
User disguises as scout.png This user disguises as a Scout.
Rainbows wish they could make him cry.
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