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Hello guys, I'm Ste, a normal user from the TF2 world. I'm not a gamer, the only games I really like are Grand Theft Auto and Need For Speed series, and Team Fortress 2 of course. I love to use Photoshop, I made part of this page using it. I also know how to use Sony Vegas, After Effects and about the 3D modeling Cinema4D and Blender.

I started as a normal player, then I traded for about an year and then I started playing competitive, but I didn't abandon trading. I played the Highlander Season 6 and 8 as Pyro and the Ready Steady Pan Season 2. I made the auditions for the Season 8 Highlander medal, a really nice entry in my opinion, but still not enought. I've been one of the owners of the Craftable Spine Chilling Skull 2011, you can see it here since I'm still part of the group. Now since school isn't much difficult and my pc hardly runs TF2 without FPS drops, I'm translating some Wiki pages in my native language, the Italian.

Well that's all about me and my "TF2 life", I hope you like my page and... what else, see ya!

---------- Things to do ----------
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  • Make a great TF2Wiki user Page Pictogram wait.png '
  • Complete the Mecha Update page translation Pictogram tick.png '
  • Keep updated the italian Promotional Items page Pictogram tick.png '
  • Translate 50 pages Pictogram cross.png '
  • Translate 100 pages Pictogram cross.png '
  • Translate 150 pages Pictogram cross.png '
  • Make 50 edits Pictogram tick.png '
  • Make 100 edits Pictogram tick.png '
  • Make 200 edits Pictogram cross.png '
  • Make 500 edits Pictogram cross.png '
  • Make 700 edits Pictogram cross.png '
  • Make 900 edits Pictogram cross.png '
  • Make 1000 edits Pictogram cross.png '
  • Make 1500 edits Pictogram cross.png '

---------- Wikichievements ----------
Wikichievement Awarded by Reason
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Show Me Your War Face!
Create a damn fine user page.

TheGuy299 Wikichievement unlocked!
For making my userpage look like poop near yours.

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“You know, hiding won’t save you.”
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“Mhmmh... mmmmm-hmm!”
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