July 11, 2013 Patch

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Patch notes

Team Fortress 2


  • Fixed Quick-Fix infinite heal exploit
  • Fixed missing Cow Mangler 5000 particles when running in DirectX8
  • Fixed Disco Beat Down unusual effect showing through walls
  • Fixed incorrect projectile speed attributes being applied to giants in Mann vs. Machine
  • When disguised as a teammate, the Dead Ringer will drop the body of the player the Spy is disguised as
  • Fixed a bug where arrows and bolts would hit friendly players
  • Fixed a bug where Strange parts and filters could not be removed from Strange weapons
  • Fixed the "Show Entire Backpack" option in the crafting panel not preserving empty backpack slots and forcing items to stack


Files changed

Note: The changelog below is generated from a diff of two revisions of the game. This data may be incomplete or inconsistent.
Revision changes
Modified: tf/steam.inf
Modified: bin/AdminServer.dll
Modified: bin/FileSystemOpenDialog.dll
Modified: bin/FileSystem_Stdio.dll
Modified: bin/GameUI.dll
Modified: bin/MaterialSystem.dll
Modified: bin/ServerBrowser.dll
Modified: bin/SoundEmitterSystem.dll
Modified: bin/StudioRender.dll
Modified: bin/bsppack.dll
Modified: bin/bspzip.exe
Modified: bin/bugreporter.dll
Modified: bin/bugreporter_filequeue.dll
Modified: bin/bugreporter_public.dll
Modified: bin/captioncompiler.exe
Modified: bin/chromehtml.dll
Modified: bin/datacache.dll
Modified: bin/dmxconvert.exe
Modified: bin/dmxedit.exe
Modified: bin/elementviewer.exe
Modified: bin/engine.dll
Modified: bin/glview.exe
Modified: bin/hammer.exe
Modified: bin/hammer_dll.dll
Modified: bin/haptics.dll
Modified: bin/headtrack_oculus.dll
Modified: bin/height2normal.exe
Modified: bin/height2ssbump.exe
Modified: bin/hlfaceposer.exe
Modified: bin/hlmv.exe
Modified: bin/inputsystem.dll
Modified: bin/itemtest.com
Modified: bin/launcher.dll
Modified: bin/mdllib.dll
Modified: bin/mksheet.exe
Modified: bin/motionmapper.exe
Modified: bin/mysql_wrapper.dll
Modified: bin/normal2ssbump.exe
Modified: bin/pfm2tgas.exe
Modified: bin/phonemeextractors/phonemeextractor.dll
Modified: bin/phonemeextractors/phonemeextractor_ims.dll
Modified: bin/qc_eyes.exe
Modified: bin/replay.dll
Modified: bin/scenefilecache.dll
Modified: bin/serverplugin_empty.dll
Modified: bin/shaderapidx9.dll
Modified: bin/shaderapiempty.dll
Modified: bin/shadercompile.exe
Modified: bin/shadercompile_dll.dll
Modified: bin/soundsystem.dll
Modified: bin/splitskybox.exe
Modified: bin/stdshader_dbg.dll
Modified: bin/stdshader_dx6.dll
Modified: bin/stdshader_dx7.dll
Modified: bin/stdshader_dx8.dll
Modified: bin/stdshader_dx9.dll
Modified: bin/studiomdl.exe
Modified: bin/texturecompile_dll.dll
Modified: bin/tools/commedit.dll
Modified: bin/tools/pet.dll
Modified: bin/tools/vmt.dll
Modified: bin/unicode.dll
Modified: bin/unitlib.dll
Modified: bin/vaudio_miles.dll
Modified: bin/vaudio_speex.dll
Modified: bin/vbsp.exe
Modified: bin/vbspinfo.exe
Modified: bin/vgui2.dll
Modified: bin/vguimatsurface.dll
Modified: bin/video_bink.dll
Modified: bin/video_quicktime.dll
Modified: bin/video_services.dll
Modified: bin/vphysics.dll
Modified: bin/vpk.exe
Modified: bin/vrad.exe
Modified: bin/vrad_dll.dll
Modified: bin/vstdlib.dll
Modified: bin/vtex.exe
Modified: bin/vtex_dll.dll
Modified: bin/vtf2tga.exe
Modified: bin/vvis.exe
Modified: bin/vvis_dll.dll
Modified: tf/bin/client.dll
Modified: tf/bin/server.dll
Modified: tf/maps/cp_process_final.bsp
Modified: tf/maps/cp_standin_final.bsp
Modified: tf/maps/pl_goldrush.bsp
Modified: tf/tf2_misc_dir.vpk/maps/pl_goldrush.nav
Modified: tf/tf2_misc_dir.vpk/particles/drg_cowmangler_dx80.pcf
Modified: tf/tf2_misc_dir.vpk/particles/item_fx.pcf
Modified: tf/tf2_misc_dir.vpk/particles/item_fx_dx80.pcf