Lecture Valley

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Lecture Valley
Lecture Valley
Sphere of activity: Organic artisanal bread
Locale: Greater Badlands Area
(Southwestern United States)
Chief Executive Officer: Saxton Hale
From our filthy hands to your mouth.

Lecture Valley is a (possibly bankrupt) Farm & Baking Cooperative with five locations in the Greater Badlands Area that was recently acquired by Mann Co. in an estate sale.

The Farm & Baking Cooperative

The Farm's primary focus is to grow wheat to make bread, which they sell for eighteen dollars a loaf. They grow wheat, thistles, nutmeg and trees. The Farm takes pride in their no pesticide policy, believing crop damage to be a social construct and preferring instead to let the bugs infest their crops.


Lecture Valley also raises dolphins to gather lactation milk for use in their bread. The farm employs emotional literacy consultants that monitor the dolphins to ensure that they do not make fun of any insects that might be infecting the crops. They house the dolphins in a tank of essential oils and sorghum bacteria. They feed them a diet of "pre-chewed root vegetables and beef-fed grass."[1]

Upcoming Mann Co. Products

In the advertisements, Mann Co. mentions a number of products that they will be releasing soon.[2]

  • Eighteen-Dollar Bread
  • 50 Acres of Farm Land
  • Bag of Dolphin Meat
  • Mann Co Robot Disguise Kit
  • 12-Step Mann Co. Piano Lessons
  • Dispenser Costumes
  • Nutmeg
  • A Catapult
  • A Table Flipping Avoidance Course



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