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This article is about the "Greater Badlands" region where much of the Gravel War takes place. For other uses, see Badlands (disambiguation).
Badlands landscape 1850.jpg
Country: United States
State: New Mexico
Only a moron would live here.
Saxton Hale, preeminent Badlands resident

Badlands is a fictional geographic region, nominally placed in New Mexico. Referred to as the Casualty Capital of the West, it is the location of several game maps, the city of Teufort, Mann Co. headquarters, and hundreds of other Mann Co facilities. It is the location of several elements of the Storyline.


See also: Map of Badlands.

The Badlands Region encompasses a central valley surrounded by several forested mountain ranges. Most of the larger population centers are within the central valley; but smaller settlements, valuable resources, and key facilities are located in the mountains and beyond. To the west and northwest lies a major river, navigable to ocean-going vessels.


Badlands feature canyons, ravines, gullies, and hoodoos

The term badland normally refers to an area where thick deposits of soft rock or soil have been deeply eroded. Such areas are generally an impediment to transportation and unsuitable for agriculture. Often Badlands are in arid or desert climates.

This Badlands region features such geology. Badlands often have impressively colorful shales; but in this region red sandstones and thick blue shales are predominate, favoring formation of steeper bluffs, hoodoos, and balanced rocks. Such features aside, Badlands is large region that encompasses other terrains, including red granite tors (Badwater Basin), mountains ranges (Thunder Mountain), and broad, flat farmland (2Fort).


Map of Badlands

Much of the region is arid and largely devoid of vegetation. However, there is a broad fertile valley from Well to Teufort. This valley is bounded in places by forested mountain ranges; the Thunder Mountains to the Northwest are high enough to achieve an Alpine environment.


  • Badwater Basin
  • Dustbowl
  • Gravel Pit
  • Teufort, Pop. 1280
  • The Well



While much of Badlands is soil-less, there are areas of significant agricultural production, notably in the northeast around Teufort. Major red wheat and blue corn crops are handled for ocean export through the large, modern facilities at Granary.


Extensive gravel deposits are extracted at Gravel Pit.


There is considerable mining of coal, gold, and other minerals. Operations include those located at Badwater Basin and Dustbowl.


The Alamo, won by Saxton Hale in a poker game and relocated to the Badlands.

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