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Do they make them shirts for men?
The Sniper
The Valve Store Logo

Since the release of Team Fortress 2, various pieces of merchandise – such as mousepads, posters, and clothing – have been made available for purchase through the Team Fortress 2 catalog of the Valve Store. Most of the merchandise depicts the various characters, weapons and hats found throughout the Team Fortress 2 universe. Some of the merchandise has also been introduced to coincide with the Team Fortress 2 updates, such as the Sniper vs. Spy Update and WAR! Update.

Valve-featured partner merchandise

Discontinued merchandise

  • The store also featured a cream-colored Soldier T-shirt featuring the Soldier taunting on top of an explosion. It also featured the Team Fortress 2 logo on the back beneath the collar with the Soldier catchphrase "Time to Inform your next of Kin!", as well as featuring the Soldier emblem on the left arm. This T-shirt was discontinued around the same time as the Cream Heavy T-shirt shown above.

War Bonds merchandise

The War Bonds logo

During the WAR! Update, a War Bonds page was added to the Valve Store that sold merchandise geared towards both the Soldier and Demoman. With the re-design of the Valve store on August 11, 2010, the War Bonds section of the store was removed.