November 15, 2007 Patch

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Patch notes

Source Engine

  • Fixed a bug in networking that would cause long stalls (up to 10 seconds) when a split packet would not be reassembled properly, which forced a full update to all clients
  • General optimization to tracelines
  • Fix for broken .dem file playback
  • Added backward compatibility code to allow demos recorded with protocol 12 to continue to be playable under protocol version 13
  • When showing "WARNING: Connection Problem", now indicate the number of seconds remaining before an auto-disconnect will occur
  • Fixed a bug that would cause NULLNAME to be shown as the player's name in the scoreboard for a short time

Team Fortress 2

Hydro map changes

  • Fixed an exploit that would allow players to jump out of the map

Granary map changes

  • Cover changes to the first capture points of both teams. Reduces some of the sight lines for defenders, and should make the area easier to capture
  • Teams that are holding more points will receive a greater spawn time bonus (spawn timer reduced for the winning team). This should help attacking teams build momentum
  • Minor visual tweaks to the BLU side between capture points 2 and 3
  • Clipped off a super high (demo pipe jump) perch in the middle area
  • Increased base round timer to 10 minutes
  • Added windows overlooking the final cap from the capture point 2 building (via new room next to conveyor route)
  • Minor changes to lighting in the middle area
  • Moved the middle spawn points farther forward (saves 6-7 seconds off a Heavy's run from this spawn to enemy capture point 2)
  • Reduced spawn advantage/penalty to a total of -/+ 6 seconds when on the final cap (from 10 seconds)
  • Fixed material alignment and model interpenetration issues in home spawn rocket rooms

SourceTV changes

  • Increased default bandwidth rate from 5 to 8 KB/sec for spectator clients
  • Increased SourceTV demo buffer size for table class descriptions from 64 to 96KB. Team Fortress 2 was running over this
  • Performance improvement for copying unreliable data buffers to SourceTV clients
  • Updated the list of events in TF2 tagged for the director to play

Undocumented changes