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Happy April Fools' Day!

On April 1st, 2012, the Team Fortress Wiki followed its April Fools' Day tradition. We hope you enjoyed the event!

The entire thing was completely unplanned; the idea and its realization all took place in our IRC channel from March 31st, 13:45 to release on April 1st, 2 AM (GMT-5).


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The event was a collaborative effort between the following editors (in alphabetical order):

  • Askarmuk (Russian translation)
  • Asplode (Finnish translation)
  • Armisael (Circular Saw weapon demonstration)
  • ballad (Moral Support, general editing the articles, wrote some patch notes)
  • Drunken_F00l (gently trolling the channel)
  • Epic Eric (Brazilian Portuguese translation)
  • Fashnek (Images, article and patch notes cleanup, secret IRC string pulling)
  • FreeXMan (Russian translation)
  • i-ghost (images)
  • GianAwesome (Brazilian Portuguese translation)
  • Psyke (items)
  • Lent (Polish translation)
  • Lexar (Modelled the Ricochest)
  • Mr. Magoolachub (3D model render, images)
  • Moussekateer (cname record)
  • NeoDement (Modelled & textured the Crocketeer's Cloak)
  • NuggetWarmer (Heartwarming Headache Model)
  • Plummaster (Russian translation)
  • Quinnjdq (Modelled & textured the Circular Circlesaw, textured the Ricochest, did some images)
  • RJackson (organization, fake store and news pages, hidden ARG)
  • R4wrz0rz0r (Made the kill icon, item attributes and thought of the "deresolution" effect for the Circular Circlesaw)
  • Primrose (Heartwarming Headache Texture)
  • Razor-X (Polish translation)
  • Ryo (Spanish translation)
  • 'Stache (French translation)
  • Sparkwire (Heartwarming Headache Model)
  • Stevoisiak (Noticed we didn't have any April Fools plan, continual pushing of wiki cape resulted in Crocketeer's Cloak)
  • Stormbird (Russian translation)
  • Svdl (Heartwarming Headache Texture)
  • TheRealDoctor
  • Weegeetnik (French translation)
  • WindPower (organization, hosting, photoshop)
  • ~www~ (Chinese translation)
  • Yjy950105 (Korean translation)


All the contributions of this event were all publicly visible on the recent changes page. Somehow, nothing leaked, until it was released on the following mediums:


The following content was made:


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Other than on the release pages, other reactions to the event have emerged:


List of archived pages