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I mostly make videos, although I occasionally will do something else if it strikes my fancy.

My steampage

Weapon Demonstration Videos

This list exists primarily for my own reference, but feel free to look.


Baby Face's Blaster Baby Face's Blaster
Force-A-Nature Force-A-Nature
Crit-a-Cola Crit-a-Cola
Bonk! Atomic Punch Bonk! Atomic Punch
Flying Guillotine Flying Guillotine
Mad Milk Mad Milk
Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol
Winger Winger
Bat Bat
Fan O'War Fan O'War
Sandman Sandman
Sun on a Stick Sun on a Stick
Wrap Assassin Wrap Assassin


Black Box Black Box
Direct Hit Direct Hit
Liberty Launcher Liberty Launcher
Rocket Jumper Rocket Jumper
Battalion's Backup Battalion's Backup
Concheror Concheror
Gunboats Gunboats
Mantreads Mantreads
Righteous Bison Righteous Bison
Disciplinary Action Disciplinary Action
Escape Plan Escape Plan
Equalizer Equalizer
Market Gardener Market Gardener


Backburner Backburner
Degreaser Degreaser
Flame Thrower Flame Thrower
Phlogistinator Phlogistinator
Rainblower Rainblower
Detonator Detonator
Flare Gun Flare Gun
Manmelter Manmelter
Scorch Shot Scorch Shot
Axtinguisher Axtinguisher
Fire Axe Fire Axe
Homewrecker Homewrecker
Lollichop Lollichop
Neon Annihilator Neon Annihilator
Postal Pummeler Postal Pummeler
Powerjack Powerjack
Third Degree Third Degree


Ali Baba's Wee Booties Ali Baba's Wee Booties
Bootlegger Bootlegger
Loch-n-Load Loch-n-Load
Splendid Screen Splendid Screen
Sticky Jumper Sticky Jumper
Claidheamh Mòr Claidheamh Mòr
Eyelander Eyelander
Horseless Headless Horsemann's Headtaker Horseless Headless Horsemann's Headtaker
Nessie's Nine Iron Nessie's Nine Iron
Scotsman's Skullcutter Scotsman's Skullcutter
Ullapool Caber Ullapool Caber


Brass Beast Brass Beast
Iron Curtain Iron Curtain
Minigun Minigun
Natascha Natascha
Buffalo Steak Sandvich Buffalo Steak Sandvich
Sandvich Sandvich
Fists of Steel Fists of Steel
Holiday Punch Holiday Punch


Pomson 6000 Pomson 6000
Widowmaker Widowmaker
Rescue Ranger Rescue Ranger
Short Circuit Short Circuit
Golden Wrench Golden Wrench
Gunslinger Gunslinger
Wrench Wrench
Red Mini Sentry.png Combat Mini-Sentry Gun
Lvl3dispenser.png Dispenser
RED Level 3 Sentry Gun.png Sentry Gun
Telespin.png Teleporter


Crusader's Crossbow Crusader's Crossbow
Overdose Overdose
Medi Gun Medi Gun
Kritzkrieg Kritzkrieg
Quick-Fix Quick-Fix
Bonesaw Bonesaw
Solemn Vow Solemn Vow
Vita-Saw Vita-Saw


Bazaar Bargain Bazaar Bargain
Machina Machina
Hitman's Heatmaker Hitman's Heatmaker
Huntsman Huntsman
Sydney Sleeper Sydney Sleeper
Cleaner's Carbine Cleaner's Carbine
Cozy Camper Cozy Camper
Jarate Jarate
Razorback Razorback
Shahanshah Shahanshah


Big Kill Big Kill
Diamondback Diamondback
Enforcer Enforcer
Sapper Sapper
Big Earner Big Earner
Conniver's Kunai Conniver's Kunai
Knife Knife
Spy-cicle Spy-cicle
Wanga Prick Wanga Prick
Your Eternal Reward Your Eternal Reward
Cloak and Dagger Cloak and Dagger
Dead Ringer Dead Ringer
Disguise Kit Disguise Kit


Pistol Pistol
Shotgun Shotgun
Pistol Golden Frying Pan

Item Checklist

Because I can't make videos for weapons I don't have.

[hide]Weapon checklist
Have Obtained Want Wanted Do Not Have Unobtained Used To Have Previously but no longer possessed Do Not Want Do not want