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Stormbird’s Nest In English (По-русски)

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“Zat, vas doctah assisted homicide!”

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Other Facts
  • I am a bit crazy about achievements, considering it more interesting to play with unusual goals sometimes (like killing underwater).
  • I regret about being too late to participate in TF2 and TF2 Wiki translation. But he that seeks never misses: now I am a part of the Steam Translation Server community, starting with contributing to the Very Scary Halloween Special translation. (Added June 2012: suddenly, I am an STS moderator!)
  • While studying at the university I have been playing MUD — the earliest kind of MMORPGs. MUDs use telnet protocol and deal with text only. They are totally noncommercial and are run on people enthusiasm.
  • The MUD I played ( is in Russian and is based on Russian fairy tales and bylinas. I created several game zones and helped in administering the project.
  • I created a site on the history of that MUD world.
  • I like airplanes and dream of learning to fly.
  • Surely, I play MSFS. And Civilization (starting from the first one of 1991).
About Me
User Stormbird MedicArrow.jpg

Hi All!

I was playing TeamFortress when it first appeared as a Quake mod, with my mates at the university. Time passed, I graduated and quit playing. And one day I’ve heard that «Team Fortress is free-to-play». «Interesting», I thought, and downloaded it. Hello, my childhood! :)

It’s interesting to play, but it’s more interesting to help improving the game. I knew that when I was playing MUD (see the left box ◄), and I am still sure it is so. That’s why I am here at TF2 Wiki, editing articles and planning to help in translating.
ToDo List
List of pages and categories that need(ed) a serious stylistic or grammar rework:

Other tasks:

  • Pictogram tick.png Item timeline
    • Introduce templates for every past year to optimize article structure (done with the help from TheDoctor)
My Videos

A soldier crashing and burning.

A soldier surprising a demoman.

Or you can view my other videos (not related to TF2, though).