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Medic Loadout
Meet The Medic
Wikichievement Awarded by Reason
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Show Me Your War Face!
Create a damn fine user page.

Wind Wikichievement unlocked!
Damn mighty fine userpage :3
Wall of Orange
Favourite TF2 things
Favourite Weapon: Medi Gun
Favourite Hat: Blighted Beak (Mine)
Steam User Forums
If you want to find me on the forums, I'm usually at the TF2 section. My Steam forums name is Vartose (Lexar was taken and Vartose is my second account name). So pm me whenever or we may be able to have a nice discussion on a thread sometime.
User Boxes
Flag Australia.png
This user is Australian
User Medic.png
This user is a Medic
Backpack Crusader's Crossbow.png
This user owns a
vintage Crusader's Crossbow
Backpack Amputator.png
This user owns a
vintage Amputator
Backpack case.png
This user owns all 35
original vintage weapons
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This user is a Pyro
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This user owns a Wiki Cap
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This user owns a Big Kill
This user owns a Genuine Maul
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This user paints
everything Mann Co. Orange
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This user enjoys playing
Fallout: New Vegas


I have been a TF2 Wikipedian for
12 years, 3 months, and 14 days.

Special Thanks

Thank you to the following for helping this page happen

  • Wind - link help
  • Pilk - helping my css work

my memory is terrible so if you have been missed out then please remind me what it was you did so you can be recognized.

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