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Basic information
(Type ): Generalist
Gender: Male
Speed: Variable
Native language: English
Team Fortress 2
Favorite classes: Civilian
Favorite maps: tc_hydro Yes, really...RIP
Favorite weapons: Anything Vintage
Contact information
Website: Reddit
Steam page: id/nihilismus
Two lines you should never cross, mate: horizontal and vertical.
The Akolyth on Wiki formatting

I have ample experience with both Wikipedia and TF2, so I figured why not combine those skills here? (*´﹃`*) My interests are varied and I am always open for a message, although I tend to have trouble responding.
By the way, it's pronounced "akh-oh-luut". I may change this username in the future...

User Monte GreenWiki.gif This user likes to see this wiki turning green.
Heavy like to shoot this gun.PNG This user. Like. To edit. This wiki. Is all you need to know.
Vial Sharing Achievement Icon.jpg This user makes two edits and checks for reverts in the morning.
de-1 Dieser Benutzer beherrscht Deutsch auf grundlegendem Niveau.
es-1 Este usuario tiene un conocimiento básico del español.
fr-1 Cet utilisateur dispose de connaissances de base en français.
Sfmlogo.png This user knows how to use Source Filmmaker.
Holy Mackerel.png This user's weapons are high in vitamin B.
User Soldier F5.gif This user vigorously mashes F5 upon any new TF2 update.
Userbox Nope.png This user is credit to team?...

Backpack Name Tag.png This user loves to rename their items.
Dead Ringer.png This user has spent 2600+ hours of his or her life playing Team Fortress 2!
Userbox Touhou Marisa Kirisame.png This user is a fan of Touhou. Their favorite character is Marisa Kirisame.

Sandvich.png This user eats far too many sandviches.
Crafting anvil.png This user really loves to craft things in Team Fortress 2!
DaniVoiceMenu.png This user loves to use the Team Fortress in-game voice menu (a lot) for talking.
Unusual Purple Energy.png This user once owned an Unusual hat...once. ;_;
Approved.png This user watches the Recent Changes log.